Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Not blogged lately.  Been so busy with Christmas etc.

Now is the time to think about resolutions.  I think my resolution will be saying "no" more in 2010.  Mainly to spending but also in relation to my job.  I work very hard and I love my work but things are difficult for me and in 2010 I want to say no just a little bit more. In relation to curving my spending, I am already good - I have bought my next year's christmas cards and have enough leftover wrapping paper.  I had thought about not giving cards next year but I think it is nice to give and receive cards.  I have not yet bought my christmas crackers and I may not bother.  The last time I bought some was three years ago and we used the last ones this Chrismas - they were £15.00 reduced to a fiver and had really good presents inside, useful.

I got lots of presents for Christmas mainly vouchers which I will put towards clothes - I buy from Next, mainly due to the fit.  I have spent quite a bit in their online VIP sale before Christmas.  I got 70% of their tall range, bargain.  I also bought a pair of jeans on Boxing day and have since bought a pair of slippers reduced to £4.00.   I know their are cheaper places to buy clothes but Next items always seem to last ages and usually washes well.

I needed a diary even went in to M and S armed with a Voucher that I got from filling in an online insurance quote but they didnt have any left.  I then almost bought one for  50p but changed my mind.  I have now been on to a  moneysaving website and ordered one for FREE.

Finally, I have recently been able to put in £20 worth of petrol for free by way nof voucher.  Now that pleases me.  Although petrol prices are going through the roof this New Year.  I understand that we have too many cars on the road but I do not understand why petrol prices are increasing all the time.  I am lucky that work pay some of my mileage usually when I attend Court Hearings.  That helps!  I only use my car for  work being a recent driver having passed in 2006 so I could do my job.  

Happy New Year Everyone lets hope I lose more weight - 8 pound to go. I will explain more in the New Year but I had lost 2 stone 3 pound between end of July to Mid December then Christmas happened and I put on 4 and a half pound!!