Monday, 27 September 2010

Anniversary Meal

Just got in from our anniversary meal.  We went to Prezzo and very nice it was too.  We used our tesco clubcard vouchers and exchanged £10.00 of them for £40.00 of restaurant vouchers.  We used £20.00 towards the food.  We had to pay for the drinks separately, we didnt mind.  There were lots of other using the vouchers.

To be honest, we couldnt have afforded really to go out otherwise.  My sister married about 5 years ago.  When she came over recently she told me she had was going to Prezzo for her anniversary using her clubcard vouchers.  I am not sure what she thought I would think so I showed her mine and she seemed relieved.

Even if we pay for meals we dont usually get a pudding for £5.00 you can get a whole cheesecake as opposed to a slice (at the restaurant), on the way home from any supermarket.  We do if we are so inclined.

I am so happy today.  I love my husband he is so lovely.  I should know I have had a lot of terrible partners in the past.  I could tell you some stories. . .

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Skint - again

I do a budget. I try not to spend money but its no good what with the increase in food prices I do not seem to be able to keep control on my money.  Please can someone make some suggestions. I tried Bigbrain as recommended on Frugal Queen's blog and it says I have an underspend of £96.00 where is it then lol.

I just dont know what else to try, I use coupons, I buy BOGOF's, value/basic items and I meal plan.  I try to spend £160.00 per month on food and £30.00 on cleaning items but in reality much more is spent arggghhh!!

This month, I tried to shave a few pounds of parts of my budget and did some shopping in the pound shop but no . . . still skintarooney x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Are my money savings ways rubbing off on OH?

Well I got up this morning, lovely sunny day to find my husband preparing to do an oil change.  Save him a few quid he said!!  To be fair he is getting quite good.  When I met him he spent a fortune although he was on a huge salary then back in the old days  um 1999!

He admitted he took absolutely no notice of how much things cost!!  I was stunned. He does now.  He will look for offers in the supermarket, look for bogofs on items we need.  He is even happy buying basic value items.  He didnt seem to before now he does. He doesnt spend as much as he used to and he is even looking for a part-time job to pay of his debts.,  I say his but I am going to try and help pay them off.  My husband is so good to me.  He does half the house work, makes me a coffee every morning and never complains about anything I do.  Even if I am ratty with him he never holds it against me.  Poor OH I don't deserve him.

Well we have free tickets to silverstone tomorrow.  We have booked a hotel for the night instead of camping.  I just felt i needed a bed. We are just staying over for one night so we will end up at Silverstone late.  Sunday we may go along for the morning but in the afternoon we hope to go into Oxford which I love.

Well I am off to enjoy my well deserved day off x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Challenging times update

Well it appears all those that are to be made redundant have been told.  My head of department who I consider a dear friend has assured me our department and indeed our office are okay.  That is a relief but I need to prepare just in case. 

I feel that need because I believe I am okay for the moment.  I will put some money away and perhaps get some extra groceries and dishwasher tablets and toilet roll that kind of thing.  Not sure what more I can do - any suggestions are most welcome x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Challenging times

Just a quick post.  Redundancies announced at work.  I am safe but I feel sick to the stomach for those that are affected.  Yesterday the first lot were announced with another lot to take.  Made me cry.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Saving it for best

Well I dont know about you but thats how I was brought up.

At work we have a new lady and she is very stylish.  For a start she always wears matching underwear - so she says.  I said that I rarely do other than on special occasions.  She said not to save it for best, you will never wear them.  That is so true.  I have some nice underwear that I havent worn and had for years.   Having lost weight I am never likely to.  I am 38 years old and  I am going to stop saving it for best.  I am going to wear more of the clothes that I save for best!!  Not sure I will always wear matching underwear as I only have one set since I have lossed weight lol.  I might some more in due course, but I am going to start wearing the jewelry I save for best and some of the shoes I have been saving for best!

Who will join me?