Sunday, 7 February 2010

Glad January is over

Not that I particulary hate January it just seems to pointless.  People have less money thats a well known fact (I have the same as usual as I am a Money Saver), but its not just that there is nothing special in the shops.  I have over £100 of next vouchers and I cannot seem to spend them.  I did manage to spend my  £10.00 boots voucher yesterday on some Simple moisteriser and Maybelline foundation.  I just about ran out of foundation last November but I managed to get a free sample of olay which I have been eeking out.  Then yesterday I got some for less than £7.00 when my usual is £15.00 which of course I realise is a ridiculous amount.  I know that wearing make-up is not for everyone but I need to looking good in my job and I always feel good about myself when I make the effort. I am not one to plaster it on mind there is nothing worse and I am not an orange girl either.

Still using up all my smellies that I have.  Lots of bath and shower stuff.  I won a prize at Slimming World this month and got some more shower gel and it smells divine. 

Well on to February with its Valentines Day - bought hubby a rather large card for under a pound in the card factory.  No present this year other than we are going to get a take out pizza on the day.  He of course has booked tickets for us to see Phantom of the Opera in March with a stay at one of the Raddisson Hotels which I am looking forward to.

Well back to today have to do a small shop to make sure I stick to the meal plan.  Am really making an effort to keep within budget.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Free films

Sunday I went to see yet another free film.  I go to the cinema more than ever on occasion we pay for the tickets, but  more often than not we have free tickets.  One of the best films I saw was Slumdog Millionaire.  Last Sunday I saw Invictus which starred Morgan Freeman, who is one of my favourite actors, and Matt Damon.  The film was about President Mandela and all the good he did.  Obviously, I was aware of some of the good he did but had no idea of the actual impact he had on South Africa.  The film was so good I now believe Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela - a very good film.

The last film we  paid for was Avatar and I must say that was the best film I have ever seen the technology was outstanding.

I wonder what free film I will see next, I cannot wait. 

Monday, 1 February 2010

Over the top?

I am always looking for new ways to save money.  However, I wonder whether I have gone too far this time.  I have started to wear clothes (excluding underwear) more than once, twice and even more than three times.  I recently bought a skirt and have worn that more than three times I mean its not dirty so what's the point in that.  I have noticed with other clothes that washing seems to them no good at all.

How far do others go I wonder?  In my younger days I was the opposite, I could change my clothes two or three times in one day.  Funny how things change I have different priorities these days.