Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tough week

Had a really tough week.  Work was a challenge I am pushing myself to learn more and better myself but it is so tiring.  I find it even more difficult as I am a perfection well I try but nothing I do ever seems to be so.

I feel that my home and husband are suffering as a result.  I just feel so tired this week and sometimes I wonder if it will ever get  better.  I have been qualified almost one year.  I even had a positive appraisal but somehow no matter how may things I do really well I seem to obsess on the things I didn't do well.

Today was a good day I met a friend for coffee in the sunshine today although it was everso cold. Had a walk too.  I then had my hair done before havinf a relaxing evening in front of the tv.

Here's to a better week next week!!

See someone else on my bloglist has had a tough week!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Car parking charges

My husband and I went for a day out in Oxford.  Lovely day.

We first went to the University Botanical Gardens

We then had a look at Magdalen Bridge.

Unfortunately, after such a lovely four hours we turned up to discover that we had to pay £9.40 for parking.  There was no indication upon entering the carpark that the charges were so expensive.  We soon found out the hard way.  But really £2.30!!  I live in Poole Dorset, which is in my view quite expensive but I certainly not aware of such a charge for parking!!
We intend to stay for the weekend next time and obtain bargain accommodation.

I would however advise you all that if you intend to go out of your area by car to make sure you find out what the parking charges are.  If you cannot see a price you cannot in my view afford it!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I went to my daughter's house today.  I have not mentioned her in my profile mainly for privacy reasons but I feel a bit more brave now so may update that shortly.  However, she called Jessica and she  is 20 years old.  She lives with her boyfriend Jon not too far away from us.

Anyway they invited us over today for a 3 course lunch.  We had Tomato and basil soup for starter and both my husband (Chris) and I were shocked it looked like it should have been in a magazine.  It also tasted fabulous. 

For our main we had stuffed peppers.  The  stuffing was couscous and chill flavouring with goats cheese - again this was tasty - for dessert we had Ben and Jerry's icecream cookie dough flavour which was amazing.  We ended up having cake a little later which was a mini Thorntons caramel flavour cake it was yummy.  I certainly would not have had that a home. 

I went out into the kitchen and Jessica had thrown haldf the packet of basil in the bin.  I had to stop myself from fishing it out and taking it home.  Chris and I did try to talk her into freezing it.  But to no avail.  Oh well she will learn - she does do a budget though!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

To put the heating on or not

At this time of year I seem to ponder when is the appropriate time to put the central heating on.   I have gone to bed with a hot water bottle on two nights during this last week.  I do still have the summer duvet on thouge must make sure I get the winter onw dry cleaned.

I am rather cold in the day as well as the evening even wearing a long sleeved top.  I know I should put something else on but I am very tempted to put the heating on not constant but twice a day.  They have put some heating on at work already - I do  not have to pay for that of course!

I was cold today when I went out and wore a nice warm fleece lined coat.  I felt snuggly.  I even wore it for a while in doors and it made me feel warm but surely I shouldnt wear it all the time lol.  I wonder when others put their heating on if at all.

I would welcome any ideas in fact I am off to look through your blogs to see if you have mentioned this subject.