Sunday, 28 August 2011

£1.00 of voucher for popular magazines including Prima

Enjoy for a pound cheaper x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jumbles and Pom Poms, MeanQueen and Tracing Rainbows

I am still reading your blogs and others but I cannot comment in your comment box.  I can only comment on blogs when you click on the leave a comment link.

I wanted to say to MeanQueen that her post today made me cry x  Jumbles - I like the teatowels and final Tracing Rainbows - I love your posts I always learn from them.

I the meantime I have bought some more suncream this time factor 30 again just £1.00 each at Sainsburys.  Whilst I was there I not only got the bread I went in there for but a nice young chap reduced a lettuce BBE 24th to 30P - bargain!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Sun tan lotion bargain Loreal just a pound each!

I went into Sainsbury's earlier and on the bottom shelf I saw Loreal Solar Expertise - retails for £10.57 although it is not showing as reduced for £1.00.  They have factors 15 and 25 I only got two but they had lots.  I would have bought more but it barely shines here the sun and not going abroad this year so maybe next. 

I also got my hair product Phil Smith Extreme for curly hair -which retails for £4.09 each for two for £4.00 - bought four.  That is all that had last time I bought 9 tubes as they were just half price still have 3 left so until the next time.  I did used to spend £12.00 on redken but I needed two of those a month these are smaller and I use around two.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

RIP Jon Egging

I took this from the Red Arrows website:

Red Arrow crashes

Red 4 - Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging

Red Arrow crashes

MOD confirms the death of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging of the Royal Air Force aerobatics team (The Red Arrows)

It is with sadness that the MOD must confirm the death of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging of the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team (The Red Arrows). Flight Lieutenant Egging was killed when his Hawk T1 aircraft - Red 4 - crashed around 1km South East of Bournemouth Airport at 1350 on Saturday 20 August 2011.

A full Service Inquiry into the details of the crash has been initiated. It would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the incident at this time.

Group Captain Simon Blake, the Commandant of the RAF's Central Flying School, said:

"Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging, known as 'Eggman', joined the Team as Red in the Autumn of 2010. A gifted aviator, he was chosen to fly in the Red 4 slot, on the right hand outside of the famous Diamond Nine formation - an accolade in itself being the most demanding position allocated to a first year pilot. Throughout his winter training and the display season to date, his professionalism, skill and humility have shone through.

"A true team player, his good nature and constant smile will be sorely missed by all. In such a close knit team, this tragedy will be keenly felt by his fellow team members, the Reds and all of the engineering and support staff, the Blues."

Air Vice Marshal Mark Green, Air Officer Commanding 22 (Training) Group, said:

"I first met Flt Lt Jon Egging in 2003 when I became his Station Commander. Even at that early stage in his career, Jon's professionalism, competence and ever present smile made him stand out from the crowd. Hence, his eventual selection for duties with the Red Arrows came as no surprise. His time with the Team was typified by the characteristics that were Jon's trademark: professionalism, enthusiasm for life and a willingness to help others that transcended all boundaries. Jon will be sorely missed by all those that had the privilege to know him; our thoughts and prayers are with Jon's family and friends at this tragic time."

Flight Lieutenant Egging, aged 33 from Rutland, flew the Harrier GR9 before joining the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team. Jon became interested in flying at an early age, inspired by his airline pilot father who used to take him 'down route', allowing him into the cockpit for take off and landing. Jon is survived by his wife, Emma.

He attended Southam School in Warwickshire gaining A-Levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He was a member of 2028 (Southam) Sqn Air Training Corps from age 13. During the sixth form he was awarded a Royal Air Force Flying Scholarship and had his first solo flight in a Cessna 152 flying from Wellesbourne Mountford Aerodrome. Following a gap year spent working in the UK and travelling around Australia, Jon went on to read a BSc in Environmental Science at Southampton University. He joined Southampton University Air Squadron and was awarded a Royal Air Force Bursary in his second year.

Whilst at University Jon completed Elementary Flying Training with the University Air Squadron, flying the Bulldog; he went on to join the Royal Air Force in 2000. Selected for fast jet training Jon flew the Tucano and Hawk before becoming a 'Creamie' Qualified Flying Instructor on the Hawk at Royal Air Force Valley, teaching both students and instructors. Jon went on to serve with IV(AC) Squadron - 'Happy IV' - based at Royal Air Force Cottesmore, flying the Harrier GR9.

During his time on the front line Jon was proud to support coalition ground forces when flying operational missions in Afghanistan. He has also taken part in exercises in the United Kingdom and America. As part of Joint Force Harrier, Jon served with IV(AC) Squadron on HMS Illustrious, flying training missions off the UK coastline. He became the Squadron Qualified Flying Instructor during his last year on 'Happy IV', making the transition to teach on the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit, based at Royal Air Force Wittering, in April 2010.

Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, said:

"It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging whilst performing with the Red Arrows today. He was a gifted aviator who was selected for one of the most demanding flying jobs in the RAF. Joining the Red Arrows was his lifetime ambition and he performed with great skill whilst on the team. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Emma and his family and friends at this terrible time."

Dr Emma Egging, the wife of Flt Lt Jon Egging said:

"Jon was everything to those that knew him, and he was the best friend and husband I could ever have wished for. I know that he would have wanted me to say something from the heart at this time. There was nothing bad about Jon. He loved his job and was an exemplary pilot. Watching him today, I was the proudest I've ever been. I loved everything about him, and he will be missed."

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A red Arrow comes down!

Nearly every summer since I can remember the Red Arrows have flown in Bournemouth around now.  All through my childhood when at the beach there would be a special time when they would fly passed our beach hut.

A few years ago Bournemouth started hosting an air show on the Beach! But alas today one crashed at around 1.50 not sure if No 4 survived but let's hope so.  God Bless him and all of us life is a precious gift.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


To find that my OH had 23k of debt but then he has saved himself money by consolidating again - without releasing money.

OH told me and I know it took a lot of him to do that.  He then drew up a budget and I made suggestions. I think we are going to have to tighten out belts - that loan has to go.  Between us we have a combined annual income of £54480, which I know is a lot.

Am excited it has taken year for OH to come to me!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My work colleague

asked me to help her find the best credit card. I told her to look on Moneysavingexpert.  One of the cards was Tesco clubcard credit card.  She says it wasn't cool enough and she would have to hide it when she handed it over!  She much preferred the Barclaycard Platinum, nevermind the APR and other deals!  ha ha so funny!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 7

Was our journey home - well we went to Coventry stayed in a hotel and it was cheap and clean lovely.  However, we had an interconnecting room with some party hard teenagers, so not much sleep for us and we thought we had a room in a Country Hotel at a MS price (got a good deal) but we were in a block around the back.

Oh well the room was great and we had a sofa, and plenty of room and storage  Breakfast was amazing and so were the staff.

In the evening we went to Pizza Hut and got 2 for 1 using a voucher and free unlimited salad.  I always find the staff at PH but I felt really bad when I could only leave a £1.00 for a tip!

Next day we drove the rest of the way home.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

End of day 5 and day 6

OOPs having gone through my holiday snaps today I realised that I had forgotten that we visited Floor Castle in Kelso.  Isn't this beautiful:

and the gardens:

Day 6 we went into Edinburgh again with the OH using the park and ride.

We looked around other parts this time we came accross this piece of art (this was removed later as it was concerned a risk if it rained and became slippy):-

We then went to look at the castle, this is me with OH and his brother Thomas: