Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jessica's birthday

My daughter is 22 today. I cannot believe it!  We sent her a £100 for her birthday.  I usually give her £50 but she was short on money and was in danger of losing the flat she had paid some holding money for.  I do lend her money not much and usually want it back.  However, I had some put by and I thought she needs money for the flat she has very little furniture so if she owes me money it will be difficult. So I told her to keep the other. 

I visited her today taking cards and money from family, we didn't stay long as she is stgill unpacking.  She seems to grown up and the guy she is with at the moment, Aaron is really nice.  I am hoping he is the one.  She is doing well in her career as a high-end recruitment consultant and she has  been modelling.

Isn't she pretty:

Day 4 and 5

On day 4 we went to Edinburgh.  I loved it.  A city with hardly any traffic. 

Here is OH after we got off the bus from the park and ride: -( free to park and £1.30 each to the town centre. Although it is cheap it takes ages so not ideal really).

I was thrilled to see a piper:

Just opposite is a shopping centre underground and under that is the food section where we just has a subway - collecting points of course.  I then bought a Trepass waterproof jacket with an fleece, for half price (down from £75.00 to £32.50).

We looked in Austin Reed and French Connection who were having a sale but I didn't buy anything.

We then went to the National Gallery which was free here is me just after: - is was a cheap day out!!

Whilst we were out one of the owner's turned up and spoke to OH's parents for hours.  He suggested we make a complaint so we did.  The holiday company were very good and straight away apologised as the area manager was supposed to ensure we were offered alternative accommodation,  we were offered £100 and we were happy with that.  Only one morning were we disturbed as the digger started before 8.  It also stopped us from using the summer house.  Other than that it just disturbed out view!

Day 5 we went to Berwick - it was okay but I was a little disappointed (yes I know we were back in England again).

Here is the view of the sea when we went for a walk:

The sea was nice but the town not so nice.  We did have a nice lunch at the Youth Hostel which has a cafe open to all.  We discovered it as we went to an art exhibition - free.  We later had a nice coffee stop.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Kelso day 2 and 3

Well day on day 2 we decided to explore Kelso as we couldn't on day one as it was raining.  Kelso is rather unique is has cobbles.  It has a large cricket ground, a rugby pitch and it has a race course 

The race course houses a small market/bootsale on a Sunday.  We visited the market/bootsale and I bought a vibrating cushion for a fiver.  OH's dad bought a watch strap and a tobacco tin.  We then bought some trifle and cake nom nom not OS but hey we were on holiday.

On day 2 we went to Jedburgh.  The first thing we noticed was that parking is FREE!!  Then OH's mother bought us a treat - a cream tea.

We then went to Jedburgh Castle which was also free to get in.

Here is the Castle:

The bunting is due to a local celebration involving something known as The Riding Out (against the British).

He we are having a rest before we go in:

This is meant to be Mary Queen of Scots:

We then went to Mary Queen of Scots House which was also free.

We then went for lunch before going back to the cottage..

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Posting comments!!

Now I can post on those that I can click comment however, if there is a box then I cannot!!  Oh dear what can I do.  I can for example post on FQ's post but not Mean Q's!!

Kelso - day one

We travelled to OH's parents on Friday 8th July.  They live in Northumberland so we stayed overnight and they accompanied us to our cottage.

We like to book at cottage and this is the second holiday we have had with OH's parents.  They are lovely.  Now its better that we do this together and we save half the cost.  It cost just under £500 and petrol was just under £250.  We paid for the petrol and the in-laws paid for the food.

Anyway we arrived at the Scottish Borders :

Here is OH:

He looks a tad cold.  Well a few minutes later, we left and saw lightning - I am terrified of it and there was the most terrible storm until we got to Kelso.

We had trouble locating out cottage because we were looking for a blue garage door as indicated on our documentation however, it was brown ha ha ha.

We arrived at the cottage very nice:

Only joking that is Floors castle ha ha ha:

Here is the cottage:

The owners were there to meet us, we had not come across a welcoming committee and I have mixed feeling about those.  We had a welcome package which was a nice surprise including bread, butter, garlic, wine, milk, herbs and spices and other bits and pieces.

We then got ourselves sorted, went shopping in Lidl very OS.

But then on our return we noticed:

 tTo see why we were so concerned see the link below re our previous holiday:

Lets just say we were however, reluctant to complain as this was nowhere need as bad. However, they took down the owner's wall and we wanted to check they were aware they were aware of the work not the taking down of the whole wall.  They urged us to compalin as they had told the holiday company and although I will go through each day I will tell you that we got £100 compensation.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Holiday in Kelso

I have been back a week now yet I have been so busy and today I feel achy all over.  I will post about my holiday as soon as I can.

I would just like to say that Edinburgh was amazing, we visited twice!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

I have tried to comment on MQ's blog.,Tracing Rainbows and Froogs blog and it still won't let me anyone please help!!

Back from Hols and back to MS

Just a quick post, got back yesterday and have been busy with the washing, shopping and housework since.  I need to go through my list and check other bloggers posts.

We didn't blow the budget and due to the hol company not telling us about the building work next door we are getting some money back.

Will blog soon.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yes please Mrs Bent

I cannot comment on many peoples blogs and I am fed up with it!!  grrr.  I wanted to post the above in response to the second Wimbledon comment and it would not let me do it.  So Mrs Bent please can we discuss your helping me x thanks Justine