Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wimbledon - yes we did take a picnic so not all splurge

So I know it was a splurge but I must say we enjoyed Wimbledon very much. Firstly, we saved for our tickets and petrol.

Then we took Sandwiches and ate them on Henman hill (after we had a coffee - bought but reasonable price with out 4 cookies reduced at the supermarket to 35p):

Then we took our seats ready for the first match:

Match 1 was Robson and Sharapova:

Match 2 - Williams and Sanchez:

Then Match 3 - although it was rained off after the first set - Nadal and Muller:

We saved a small fortune taking our own sandwiches which cost £5.50 my husband tells me.  We did however, have strawberries and cream which was only £2.50 which bearing in mind where we were was not too bad.
Then we came home and the saving starts over again!! 

Monday, 20 June 2011


Well it has arrived.  We go on Friday - Court 1.  Yes tickets not very OS but being OS meant that we could afford to go.

My husband isnt OS he does try.  For example, we got overcharged yesterday by 65p.  OH said (having gone home and found the mistake - although we only live opposite) what do you want to do?  He just wanted to forget it.  No matter it was my money.  This is why I have decent savings and he who earns £300 plus more than me a month is always skint!!  Anyone else in similar position.  I have offered to help him he sees it as an insult!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Open Farm Day Sunday 12th June 2011

Just came accross this, see link below - should be a farm in your area - enjoy yourself.  Some farms have tractor rides, stalls and see how a farm works.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend with the family

Yesterday afternoon my one of sister's daughter's has a little party down the beach. Friends and family had good fun, a little paddle, a little frisbee and a little refreshment bliss.

We went to his beach known as Alum Chine:

Then today I went to my sisters and had some sandwiches and a chat.

I didnt bother much with the housework just cleaned the loo, out a wash on then dried it, did a bit of ironing and dusted the bedroom.  I love family weekends.  Shame my daughter wasn't around she was visiting her paternal grandmother and her dad.  Will catch up with her soon.

Before I go I am having trouble commenting on blogs - blogger wont let me!!