Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Advent 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23

I got the following:

18 Snowman cross stitch

Day 19 Blue spot ribbon

Day 20 A heart key ring
As you can see I am using it already!!
Day 21   All I need to make a necklace or a bracelet namely some beads, wire, rings and clasps :

Day 22 was a lovely smelling bath bomb:

And today I got this lovely scarf in animal print with purple in it:

I got mrsmmakes some blue ribbon for 19 but do not have a picture of it so perhaps Mrsmmakes can send one to me!

I got mrsmmakes these for 19 and 20:

I am unsure as to whether she has opened 21, 22, 23 so will post when she does!


Blogger playing up

I have spent time this evening preparing a post yet it crashes when I try and upload pictures, so I willl try again in the morning - grrr.

I cannot seem to use my ipad to post now which is a pain in the behind!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Advent 18

I will try and catch up tomorrow its just like everyone I am so busy despite having bought and wrapped presents.  I just think the new job has caught up with me.

So here is advent 18:

I got these lovely handmade earrings:

I got mrsmmakes this slow cooker book - hope she finds it helpful:

I am hoping to get up-to-date with my advent tomorrow before we go away for Christmas!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Morning off and Advent 16!

When I arrived at my new job - which is going well - I was informed I had one a half days holiday to take this month so I decided to take this morning off because I had a dentist appointment and Wednesday so I can attend the Local Community Representatives Christmas gathering -and I am one! I shall then go over and see my daughter in the afternoon.  I see her about once every two weeks which isn't as often as I would like but when you work and have a large family it is difficult.

Today I managed to do some housework and washing as well as some shopping and some other jobs I would do tonight so I feel I am ahead.

On to advent day 16 I received this lovely purple flower power cup which I love:

I bought Mrsmmakes some Christmas ribbon in her favourite colour:


Again I had to liberate this picture from Mrsmmakes blog as I couldnt locate the one I took.  Lovely ribbon this I do hope she likes it.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Advent day 14 and 15!

Well on day 14 I received these lovely handmade Christmas Tree Decorations:

On day 15 I received these lovely metallic embroidery thread and needles:

On day 14 I gave Mrsmmakes a lovely dreamcatcher in her favourtie colour:


And for Day 15 some Christmas table confetti - this picture is courtesy of Mrsmmakes as I do not appear to have saved the photos I took- dippy me.

Tonight I am off to see a band - the Larry Miller band as it is my friends birthday and she has booked him to play at the local venue - google him his music is like Jimmy Hendrix music!!

See you soon!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Friday, 14 December 2012

Advent day 13

Well I got this lovely bracelet from Mrsmmakes:

It is a perfect fit.  I have mahoosive wrists and this was perfect and there is enough to dangle! Lovely jewels too!

I gave Mrsmmakes this carrier bag holder in a colour she likes:

I hope she likes it!!

Shooting in US

Just wanted to say that my thoughts are with those who suffered in the shooting in Conneticut today.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Panorama Housing Crisis!

I am watching this tonight and I feel close to tears at some of those in the program especially the lady with Cancer and the gentlemen who made it big but lost everything!
Hard times, Hard times.  God bless them!

Advent Day 12!

I am so glad that I signed up for the swap its been such fun.  I enjoyed the challenge of looking for items under a budget and now opening mine and seeing Mrsmmakes blog about her gifts and seems so far to be very happy with them.

Yesterday I was so pleased to receive these as they are my favourite choccies:

I got Mrsmmakes a recipe book on Chocolate:

I hope she likes it!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent day 11 (am a day behind sorry)!

Well on day 11 I got some nice crochet hooks, ideal as I have been going to crochet club:

I got Mrsmmakes a diary - I hope she likes it:

Well, it was trecherous this morning walking to work on black ice!!

I found this nice sunny pic from last "summer" when I went to Jersey just to remind us what we can expect in due course ha ha!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Advent day 10!

Well today I got this:

It took me a while to work out what it is.  It is a soap in felt and it used as an exfoliator.  Smells nice!

My gift to Mrsmmakes is a mystery as I do not want to post until she has in case she hasnt opened it so I will amend later. You see if I do not post today as I am out for my birthday meal tomorrow night I will get behind - sorry.

I got Mrsmmakes a souvenir of the Olympics:

I haved pained one of the stained glass snowflake and when I have done them I will post a picture of them!

Having collected more food for thefood bank I am off to deliver some food tomorrow lunch time.  Christmas to me means not only cherishing my family and feel blessed by God but also thinking and helping others.  I did some time ago pledge to do one helpful thing a week - a selfless act and although I often do it is normally the same thing.  I am going to have a good think of different people that I can help in the New Year.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Advent day 9!

I got this from Mrsmmakes on day 6 which was meant to be day 9 ha ha!

Some lovely mini smellies, ideal for when I go away at Christmas! (sorry my picture is sideways!)

Instead I was supposed to open:

A lovely Christmas pudding (hooray my technology worked for a change!!

I got Mrsmmakes some nice hot choc choc as she told me she doesn't drink tea or coffee:

Whoop whoop technology worked again!!

I just cannot wait to see what tomorrow's  advent.

In the meantime, I have sorted out the food items I collected to take to the foodbank.  I have at least two full bags to take there this week.  I am doing one more collection next week and that is it.

Talking about giving to charity I recently received a letter from the PDSA saying that they have made over £20 from the items I donated - I am so pleased!!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent day 8 and Christmas Meal

Well for day 8 of advent I received:


Picture courtesy of Mrsmmakes as I am still having issues with my technology which I am trying to resolve each day.

I got my swap partner the lovely Mrsmmakes:

Something I always need in the winter.

Well tonight is the second Christmas party of the year.  Last Tuesday I went out with the local housing association whom I volunteer for and they treated me to a lovely meal and wine!!  I did watch what I ate and the next evening I was slimmer of the week!  I lost two pounds.

Tonight I have paid for my husband and I to have a meal with the slimming world gang, we have such a laugh and for once we can be a little naughty.  I was meant to go to another dinner last  night but having not been a work for most of the year I thought I would be careful and this would have to have been booked some time ago - although I won £500 on the premium bonds and yes I know it is not the best way to save but its not a case of popping to the bank to draw it out.

It was my birthday last Thursday 6th and my husband is taking me for a meal on Tuesday with other members of my family and I shall try to be good.  I then have a festive morning with the local housing authority and finally a Christmas meal courtesy of my new employers which I am very grateful for seeing I have only been there a short time but I hope it is the start of a long relationship.

Right I am off now enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening!!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Advent catch up 4,5,6 and 7

Sorry for not blogging only I have been to a party and it was my birthday on Thursday.  It was week two of my new job and it has been great but tiring!!

So day 4 my pressie from Mrs Makes was a lovely pin cushion that she made:

How amazing is that!!

I gave her a Christmas cross-stitch:

Shouldn't take her much time at all! I know that she likes cross stitch as we shared information beforehand.  I have tried to implement that in my choices!

Day 5

I received this and I just cannot wait to paint them this weekend:

No idea why it is upside down as it isn's saved like that and it has taken me ages to try and resolve it arrgghh!

Nevermind - I got Mrs M this as she is so crafty:

Day 6

I cannot show you what I got as I opened number 9 - what a wally!

Taking into account Mrs M likes purple and I know she loves Christmas I got her:

(I have had to nick Mrs M's pictures as my camera and my laptop are playing up grrr!
A calender book


and a flashing snowman

Day 7

Well today I got a lovely handmade brooch - Mrs M knows I love brooches!

Absolutely wonderful!!

I got Mrs M some well needed chocolate:

Finally, my friend who's son was friend's with my daughter is teaching me crochet - I have not as yet made anything for my grandchild due in March but my friend made this:

If I can learn to make something like this I will be very happy!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Advent day 3

Well today I got chocolate:

 And I got Mrsmmakes:

Well work today was busy and was a challenge but wouldnt let it stress me out!!

Tonight I went to Crochet club and practiced stitches again, am happy with that!

Might not get an update re advent tomorrow as I am going up the food bank at lunchtime to drop some food off and am at a meeting straight after work then a meal so you may get two the following day.

I hope you are all enjoying the build-up to the festivities.

Ta ra for now!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent day two

Well, our tree is up.  There are also a few presents under the tree, not allowed to put decorations up and no cards to write so that means we should have a relatively stress-free Christmas.  I do not have to go into the crowded shops which does stress me out.  I am prepared this year, as of course I have been off sick.

I am looking forward to week 2 and it is my birthday Thursday.  Just a quiet evening in with hubby after three evenings out.  Monday night is crochet club, Tuesday I am going out for a meal for the housing association with which I volunteer and it  is on them and then Wednesday I am going to slimming world and hope to have lost a little.

In the meantime, as you are aware I participated in an advent swap and we had to make, buy or thrift 24 presents to give with a larger one for the 25th December.  It really helped me focus when I was having a hard time.  As my partner and I agreed a fairly low (but reasonable budget) it was a challenge and I enjoyed it.

Here is what my swap sent me a quilling set:


I bought her: image

Have a good week all!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

It is advent.

There is more to Christmas than presents I know that but I did sign up to Laa Laa's advent swap:

This is what mrsmmakes sent me a lovely brown purse which I believe she made:

As it was the first day of advent I sent her:

I really hope she liked hers.  I love mine!

Tomorrow we shall put up the tree. I am going to enjoy this Christmas spending time with my family after challenging year.

I am not giving Christmas cards this year instead I bought some food and took it to the food bank.