Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

I wanted to wish my fellow bloggers a Happy New Year.  I have been too busy saving money over Christmas to post.  I want to share with you all my frugal -ish Christmas.  All bought and paid for using no Credit Cards, only savings and points and vouchers.

Got paid yesterday and its all still there - have a good evening y'all xx

Monday, 20 December 2010

Merry Christmas to my readers

I hope you all have a good Christmas.  I know its an expensive time of year but luckily I appear to be within budget so nothing needs to be put on the credit card.  All prents are bought as it most of the food.  I feel a little naughty has most of it is frozen.  I will get some fresh veg.  My OH parents are coming to stay for the week.  We live on the South Coast.  They are from Northumberland.  Hope they are able to get here.

I have a few more presents to wrap! 

Providing snow clears up I should be able to deliver them.

I am looking forward to the sales.  I still have my jar money left.  I have also received a NEXT VIP invite to their sale - yipee.  I love saving money.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Free £10 Voucher

I know it isnt much but at last after all these clicks, I have received a £10 voucher from Pigsback.

Every little helps.

I am going to save it and use it in the sales after Christmas.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Just a quick post, it was my birthday yesterday, didnt get anything i needed.  I got smellies, dvd, cd, ipod, money, ornament, makeup nail varnish - it saved me buying it!

I wanted to link a blog I follow who is giving away a gift.  Its a good blog, I read it most days as I do most of the blogs I read although its going to be difficult to read them every day in December.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Silver Sandals but at what price

I have managed to find some silver sandals on ebay.  Not flat but with a small heel.  I saw some advertised as £17.99 but thats only for size 3 , size 4-7 are £18.99 and size 8 are £21.99.  I didnt realise and I need them so I feel disappointed.  I like a lot of their shoes but I wont be buying anything from them again. Doubt I will even leave feedback .

Spa day beckons tomorrow with my daughter.  As the snow has started to fall my OH is probably going to take us although it is only 15 minutes away.

So tomorrow is R & R all day!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wish I wasnt so tall.

I am 6.0 tall.  It can be difficult clothes wise being MSE.  I told you recently about my 40% off dress.  Yesterday I spent my £20.00 walkers money on a pair of silver sandals.  I got 20% off.  I tried them on with my dress and I feel it might make me a tad tall.  My dress should touch the floor it does at the back as it has a train but its about an inch off the floor at the front and I am a tad fed up.  I may just wear my black ones which are about one inch high.

I know i know there are worse things in life.  But thank goodness they make trousers longer than they used to when I was a child.  I still have some problems though we are not all 5.5.

Well my stew is nearly ready.  I made dumplings too.  There will be enough for tomorrow night when I get home from work.  I am also going to make a jam sponge pud pud.  Cannot find a micro recipe so will bake in the oven.

This being the last week of the month I am nearly out of my food budget although I have enough food to last weeks lol.  Just the every day stuff such a milk bread etc. 

Friday, 19 November 2010

Happy Days

Had a good day at work.  We raised money for Children in Need, some made cakes, we made biscuits, a game and a raffle.  Plus my boss is willing to back my application for the firm to pay for my LPC (qualification for me to become a Solicitor - although I am a FILEX and do the same Job).  It costs about 10k I can do it part time at Southampton Uni - well I have to check it all out later.  I wont be able to enrol until next year but I am so chuffed.  I had to qualify as a FILEX as I couldnt afford the LPC when I completed my Law Degree. I am glad I did and am proud to be a FILEX but my firm will not let me move up the ladder without doing it.

Fingers crossed all x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Uncertain Times

Well last night Ken Clarke announced cuts in Legal Aid, now whatever the arguments and I can see the arguments for and against it will affect my job.  Now whether it will mean I will lose it is anyone's guess not that I am overjoyed there at the moment. I do mainly legal aid and its not a big earner we get a third of private rates, there is an enormous amount of paperwork and we work three times as hard to run the case.

Trouble is the general public see lawyers as money grabbing but thats impossible with Legal they dont  just give you a cheque book you need to justify every penny.

In financial matters legal aid isnt free you have to repay in the end if you retain or recover money or property.

I am hoping it will be positive in the long run as if there is in effect no legal aid lawyers will have private fee paying clients.  However, if folk cannot afford it some lawyers will inevitably be out of a job.

The problem is the Court is inundated, so are CAFCASS (Child and Family Reporter) and of course this Country is in debt but what about children that cannot see their mother or father because their parents cannot afford to take the matter to Court. Mediation can work but not always.  Some people are so hurt for one reason or another they cannot speak to their ex.

I dont propose to go on about it but I am now really worried about the effect on families.  I just have a sense of anarchy around the corner.  Only time will tell.

On a brighter note I have won £20.00 in the last week on Walkers Rainy days will add that to the pot.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sealed Pot Emptied

Two years ago I attempted a sealed pot challenge.  Emptied pot and banked £132.25.  What to spend it on. 

Here is OH sorting it using a money sorted.  Didnt need it as Natwest has a paying in coin counter!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Not bad savings could have been better.

Well this weekend, I went to a free fireworks night near where I live.  Last night I went to my sisters firework party.  She has five children (and she is not mse bless her) we took £40.00 of fireworks which cost £20.00 between OH and myself.  This morning we watched a free film called Unstoppable and it was very good edge of the seat stuff for the entire length of film.

Then we went to Prezzo as we have £20.00 of vouchers left.  Bill came to £33.00 OH had a rebate from the utilities due to overpayment.

I then bought my ballgown for a party - online.  Its to do with my job and I love going.  It was Debut from Debenhams and they were 20% off and I got a 15% code plus as I had trouble with their website for the last two days they gave me another 5% off.  I wont be buying a dress for the next two years as I can wear last years next year and this years the year after.  I just hope the one I bought fits.  The other one I saw in the shop fitted but I had my heart set on the other one.

This p.m.  I managed to take advantage of the yellow stickers at Sainsbugs!!

Now what i didnt do today was use my 5p off per litre at Mr T's I was so looking forward to the day I forgot darn it!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Was it a good idea?

When we bought our home we did not put any money on the mortgage to do the place up.  The kitchen and front room we have done up and we are doing the hall.  The bathroom is an absolute hole.  We have tried to do what we can.  The plaster isnt very good above the door.  Neither OH nor I are DIYers nor do we have the money to pay someone to do it.  I have noticed that I try not to lay in the bath as I look around me and I get upset.

I have a home, a wonderful husband, wonderful daughter and family, plenty of food decent wages and a job and here I am worrying about the state of my bathroom. 

When I put it into context it doesnt feel half as bad.  I have decided I am going to have to just continue to put money away specifically towards doing my home up and it takes as long as it takes but I am not going to "bung it on my mortgage."

I will just have to lay back in that bathroom and dream zzzzzzzzz

Monday, 1 November 2010

Funny day off

Well as I said earlier no bargains at the charity shops.  I went to the final one after I last posted and nothing.  There were clothes that came from shops that havent beem around for years!!

Anyway one reason for my day off was in relation to my sofa.  It was ordered last Christmas and delivered in Feb.  After a few weeks something small broke underneath, no probs they fixed it but a day off was required as the company cannot give you a time.

Then a few weeks ago one of the sofas wobbles and the other one has a bit of wear.  We were not very happy to say the least.  We have no young children at home to cause any extra wear.  The guy came today at 5.30 and fixed the wobble but the wear wasnt on his list.  Well you know what that means another day off. 

Do companies think that it is still the 70s and 80's when someone was still at home.  We both work and I do not mind having one day off but it will soon be three and they work Saturdays but you cannot get an appointment as they are booked up (two weeks in advance and you cannot book any farther on). Why can they not book us a slot even a.m. or p.m would help!!

Anyway rant over.

Oh wanted to go to Asda to get some speakers for his p.c.  I picked up 6 mens socks for £2.50 for me (am a size 8). I got 36 packets of Walkers crisps for £4.00.  I usually buy value ranges but couldnt resist.  I know they are a luxury but I couldnt help it. 

Back to work and all its politics tomorrow.  I might tell you one day what goes on it will make your hair curl!! 

My second hand shop finds . . .

None, not one item.  The shops were all bursting with people. No one was buying. The reasons for this include the products being overpriced and under quality (if the latter is a word).  They have items starting at abour £4.00 even for Primark clothing originally for £2.00.  And no this was all second hand.  I have one more to go to and if its the same I wonder if I will bother again.  Most of the clothing I would have thrown out.  What has happened.  I used to get so many bargains . . .

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Moneysaving books

 Here are some of my MS books.

There are two missing. One is the "Tightwad Gazette" and the other is "How I lived on a pound a day." I think I have an addiction and if I didnt keep buying them I would have more money lol.  My favourite's include the latter and the Penny Pinchers Book. Having been a member of MSE since 2004 I like "Thrifty Ways for Modern Days."  I am still not as frugal as I like.  But as I have said from the beginning its not about me being tight as it were it is getting more for less.

Tomorrow I have a day off and I am going to spend a few hours at the charity shops near me.  I think there are about 7 or 8 so I must keep a tight rein on my spending.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Freebies and No Spends in town

I received this from Cravendale this morning - I was really chuffed with this freebie:

Would someone please tell me why my pics post sideways?
This afternoon I went to town - well I live there.  I went around the shops and bought nothing.  Got a huge grocery shop this evening £50.00 and then £4.00 off coupon at Tesco well please with myself.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Contented Sunday

I got up at 10 a.m. today and I refused to feel guilty. I did some housework and some washing.

I made a few cookies.  23 in total some small, medium and large.  Here are 6 of the medium:

No idea why it is sideways on here.

OH and I then went for a walk around the Old Town then on passed Poole Quay and the fishing boats

Then on to Baiter:

Then on a little further and is that Millionaires row in the background namely Sandbanks

Then we sat down for a while before going home - not a bad view - its Brownsea Island.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spa Day

I already know the answer to this.  My daughter was 21 this year.  I promised her a spa day with her mum i.e. me.  She went to OZ at the time I was going to book it for.  It was postponed.  I have only managed to save £200.  The day we both really want comes for £300 but there is a day we would be happy with for £200.  As it was for her 21st I feel a bit mean not giving her the day she wants but she insists the £200 one is okay.  Am I a skinflint or am I sensible - given my last post.  Please please dont think bad of me whatever your view.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Skint - again

I know I have posted a similar topic before.  But I have budgeted and cut back and still a week plus before payday and I have a few quid left.  Okay got enough for meals until payday but not lunches milk etc.  I really tried this month. Put spare money in the safe so that OH didnt spend money and he ignored it and spent money anyway.  So I gave up. 

I think it was that I bought too much food I have enough for half of next month too and I took my daughter out for lunch.  I just cannot believe something so small means I am skint. 

I am getting bills through which are going up next year . . . no payrise for the last couple of years . . . working like a dog . . . making frugal meals like tonight for less than £3.00 for both OH and I for two nights.  Please please help me any tips anyone?

Monday, 27 September 2010

Anniversary Meal

Just got in from our anniversary meal.  We went to Prezzo and very nice it was too.  We used our tesco clubcard vouchers and exchanged £10.00 of them for £40.00 of restaurant vouchers.  We used £20.00 towards the food.  We had to pay for the drinks separately, we didnt mind.  There were lots of other using the vouchers.

To be honest, we couldnt have afforded really to go out otherwise.  My sister married about 5 years ago.  When she came over recently she told me she had was going to Prezzo for her anniversary using her clubcard vouchers.  I am not sure what she thought I would think so I showed her mine and she seemed relieved.

Even if we pay for meals we dont usually get a pudding for £5.00 you can get a whole cheesecake as opposed to a slice (at the restaurant), on the way home from any supermarket.  We do if we are so inclined.

I am so happy today.  I love my husband he is so lovely.  I should know I have had a lot of terrible partners in the past.  I could tell you some stories. . .

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Skint - again

I do a budget. I try not to spend money but its no good what with the increase in food prices I do not seem to be able to keep control on my money.  Please can someone make some suggestions. I tried Bigbrain as recommended on Frugal Queen's blog and it says I have an underspend of £96.00 where is it then lol.

I just dont know what else to try, I use coupons, I buy BOGOF's, value/basic items and I meal plan.  I try to spend £160.00 per month on food and £30.00 on cleaning items but in reality much more is spent arggghhh!!

This month, I tried to shave a few pounds of parts of my budget and did some shopping in the pound shop but no . . . still skintarooney x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Are my money savings ways rubbing off on OH?

Well I got up this morning, lovely sunny day to find my husband preparing to do an oil change.  Save him a few quid he said!!  To be fair he is getting quite good.  When I met him he spent a fortune although he was on a huge salary then back in the old days  um 1999!

He admitted he took absolutely no notice of how much things cost!!  I was stunned. He does now.  He will look for offers in the supermarket, look for bogofs on items we need.  He is even happy buying basic value items.  He didnt seem to before now he does. He doesnt spend as much as he used to and he is even looking for a part-time job to pay of his debts.,  I say his but I am going to try and help pay them off.  My husband is so good to me.  He does half the house work, makes me a coffee every morning and never complains about anything I do.  Even if I am ratty with him he never holds it against me.  Poor OH I don't deserve him.

Well we have free tickets to silverstone tomorrow.  We have booked a hotel for the night instead of camping.  I just felt i needed a bed. We are just staying over for one night so we will end up at Silverstone late.  Sunday we may go along for the morning but in the afternoon we hope to go into Oxford which I love.

Well I am off to enjoy my well deserved day off x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Challenging times update

Well it appears all those that are to be made redundant have been told.  My head of department who I consider a dear friend has assured me our department and indeed our office are okay.  That is a relief but I need to prepare just in case. 

I feel that need because I believe I am okay for the moment.  I will put some money away and perhaps get some extra groceries and dishwasher tablets and toilet roll that kind of thing.  Not sure what more I can do - any suggestions are most welcome x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Challenging times

Just a quick post.  Redundancies announced at work.  I am safe but I feel sick to the stomach for those that are affected.  Yesterday the first lot were announced with another lot to take.  Made me cry.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Saving it for best

Well I dont know about you but thats how I was brought up.

At work we have a new lady and she is very stylish.  For a start she always wears matching underwear - so she says.  I said that I rarely do other than on special occasions.  She said not to save it for best, you will never wear them.  That is so true.  I have some nice underwear that I havent worn and had for years.   Having lost weight I am never likely to.  I am 38 years old and  I am going to stop saving it for best.  I am going to wear more of the clothes that I save for best!!  Not sure I will always wear matching underwear as I only have one set since I have lossed weight lol.  I might some more in due course, but I am going to start wearing the jewelry I save for best and some of the shoes I have been saving for best!

Who will join me?

Monday, 30 August 2010

Plum Crumble for almost nought

I got some plums from my friend, paid 34p for an orange, used a little flour, sugar, marg and vanilla essence.  Served it with cream fraiche and yum yum yum!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Woman of the Year

That's right at Slimming World last Wednesday I was awarded a certificate confirming I am Woman of the year for our group.

My consultant couldn't pick who it should go to, so the week before we all had to vote for the person that had inspired us the most.  I was so sure it would go to my friend I didn't wear any makeup - not feeling well that night!!

Then I was awarded with a sash, fluffy pen and a small bottle of rose.
Having had been down lately, it perked me up no end.  All I do is having reached my target (lost 2 and a half stone, on 10th March is attend and try and give others any tips and information which could also help them.

I really enjoyed the Rose mmmmmm

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Knocked off balance and Back to Basics

Now I need to get back to basics.  I have felt bad about posting the fact I bought a new ish car.  I had an A class 51 reg and it cost be over 2k to keep it on the road last year.  So in  May yes May its taken me a long time to get up the courage to blog about this, I decided to get a mini.  I had been looking at them for a few weeks and the ones I wanted were 9k upwards.  Why a Mini well I wanted a BMW okay okay not frugal you might say well I had researched the 3 series and it is one of the most reliable cars on the road.  Now my husband has one - an old one and he is still paying off the loan so please please dont think we are loaded so I didnt want to get one too.  So I decided to get a Mini which of course is made by BMW.

We need a car each as I have to go to Court to represent clients and husband doesnt work within walking distance and it is cheaper to drive than get the bus.  I have to have a newish decent car as I use it so much for my job.

I found a mini I liked at 7.5 k okay it wasnt my perfect idea of a mini and I know there are cheaper cars but I researched and mini's too are reliable and last an age.  I want this car for at least the next 10 years.  This is my fourth car,  first was a citroen AX ( P reg) cost £450 sold for £450, second car Fiat Punto (P reg) bought £900 sold for £750 next the A class cost 2900 part exed for 1700 against the mini, put a few hundred down and got a 5k loan.  I know I know I spent weeks thinking about getting a loan.  I have the money in a bank account to pay for it but I though I would get a loan and pay the balance of in a year or so.

I managed to get 12 month warranty for my car so fingers crossed no probs.  Loan is over 4 years and is about £120 per month.  On paper this looked easy to afford but my husband is now struggle financially so now so am I. 

Our money is separate and I might have spare cash the only debt I have is the car loan but he has a car loan of 5k and 9k of debt.  I do have a student loan but have saved a few hundred in readiness for when that becomes payable and of course its a low interest rate.

My husband is not good with money and the last few months unbeknown to me he got a few bank charges because he went over his limit when he thought he had had enough money in there.

So he has not been able to put as much money in the "pot" as it were which has been a strain on me.  He is thinking about getting a job delivering takeaway one night a week to raise extra cash for the CC debt.

I on the other hand am looking at going back to basics from every day items to being careful setting a Christmas budget. This week I have struggled financially with the shopping and have had to rely on coupons such as 30p off Warburtons brown loaf.

I almost feel that although we are earning a decent amount and I havent had to struggle for a while, I have a low mortgage etc, that I am now have to watch every penny.  I am never going to take it for granted again and I will watch every penny.

I havent been able to go to Zumba which I started at only £4.00 a week - I am not moaning, I dont want sympathy its my own darn fault.  I am not in dire straits I am trying to point out that no matter how good you are with money no matter how much you think and research about buying something new that you need something could happen tomorrow to knock you off balance.

Sorry for long post.  I am sure most of you will think I am cracked!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


I am struggling with everything at the mo.

Food shopping seems to have increased as has petrol.

I have a few problems with a certain member of my family - say no more.

Work is a bit of a hassle too. 

Weather is carp lol.

Beam me up scotty - off to look at some inspirational blogs not like mine lol xx

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Zumba - Aerobic dance craze

Today I went to my first Zumba class.  I thought it would be like any other class whereby you learn two new moves a week and then put a routine together. Was I wrong.  We did about 5 routines and it was fabulous.  Didnt really learn any moves just danced and felt totally rejuvenated at the end of it. 

Have a look at this!!

No word of a lie the first routine was one of the ones we did today.  There was no pressure to be an expert just to have fun fun fun.  Expensive?  No!  Just £4.00 a session!! Give it a go.  Some say you can lost 1000 calories a time but then who knows.  I certainly perspired the whole time.  Although energetic it doesnt feel like it as its so enjoyable.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Tired! Feeling sorry for myself

I went to my sisters 30th last night.  It was a very good night.  I really enjoyed it and most importantly so did my sister.  Had a bit to drink.

Feel sorry for myself today.  Work tomorrow and not looking forward to it.  Not one bit.  Does everyone feel like this from time-to-time and if so how do I shake myself out of it!!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Not as expected

My week off wasnt as expected.  On Monday I went to the beach with a good friend.  I live right near the beach but you still need a car really.  So off we went parked up on the road, for free.  We had made a packed lunch.  My friend treated me to an icecream.

On Tuesday a friend come over and I looked after her little one for a while when she went to an interview.

On Wednesday I did a little housework - actually I did a little each day,  I also went for a walk.  Slimming world in the evening.

Thursday as planned took my dad to the hospital.

Friday had to pop to the eye hospital as I had something in my eye.  Had a chinese takeaway for dinner.

Today I had a day out to Sherborne castle it was very nice to £9.50 to get in each and miles of gardens.  Good value for money actually.

Thats my week off and as I had hardly any money it was on the cheap and I enjoyed it.  Back to work next week zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

A week off

Well I have this week off - not a problem you would think.  However, I get paid on Thursday and until then I have a tenner.  I only have that as I have taken some money from my "nice things account".

Luckily I have an Ing account with 9 pots so far, they range from clothing account to emergency and come in handy.  I also have a holiday account and a car and Christmas account.

I took this week off to spend time with my daughter as she is 21 next Saturday.  I was going to take her to a Spa.  However, she decided to go travelling for a while and is in Australia.  I am pleased for her.  We will go to a Spa when she comes back.  She doesnt want a party.  Its difficult as her father and his mother and i dont get on.  I am not going to slag them off here but there is no way we would all go to a party well I would lets leave it there.

So this week I am going to the beach with my friend tomorrow, if it is nice, so will just need lunch.  Tuesday my friend is coming over for the day and we will just need some lunch.  Wednesday I plan to do a bit of housework and walk round from where I live at Baiter Park and perhaps sit there for a while with a book.  Thursday -  pay day whoop whoop. I am taking my step dad for an angiogram he is only 57 and the hospital think he has recently had a heart attack.  He has never ever been in hospital for himself so he is pretty anxious.  I refuse to be too sympathetic as it will make him worse.   I am staying the whole 5 hours just in case he needs me but I need to be strong for him! My sister thinks I am harsh!

The Friday my DH is off so we plan to go on a boat trip round Poole Harbour.  Saturday my sister is thirty and having a party am looking forward to it in the main but there is a little reason why I am a bit apprehensive but I am sure it will be great.  Then Sunday not sure what am doing then Monday back to the grindstone!..

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pot of Money

About a year ago perhaps longer my husband taped up a coffee jar one of the large ones and made a cut in the lid for me to put coins in.  I havent put money into it as often as had intended as I also have two piggy banks one for 50ps and the other for 2.00 coins.  I then use these towards holidays.

However, at times I have managed to put a few coins in mainly pounds fifty twentys and tens.  I am thrilled to say its now getting to the top.  I have stopped putting the 50ps in the 50p pig and there are alo going in the jar.  I think I could have a hundred pound in it.

I know its naughty but I am going to treat myself to something with it.  I only hope I dont spend half and save the rest - I am always so good at saving my money I find it hard to spend.  I have no idea what to buy however, as I have everything I need bah humbug!!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pound shop

Went into the pound shop today.  Not been in ages.  I got Simple Shower day for yep a pound, 200 mansize tissues a pound and two tins of Ambrosia Rice Pudding for a pound the latter were priced at 89p so I was well chuffed.  I know I can do better when foods are reduced but never seem to get to the Supermarkets at the right time these days.  I used to but the food was usually something like pain du chocolate.

I made a nice pasta sauce this evening enough I think for 8 and there is two of us, cost less than a pound to make.  OH made some home made pasta but think that came in at about £1.40 so it is cheaper to buy dried pasta but not as tasty let me tell you.  We had a lovely salad with it.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bootsale - made £80

We have been planning on doing a bootsale for a while.  Yesterday we did out our cupboards to sell unwanted items.  Some wouldnt fit in the car.  We took what we could and set off.  Sellers were to arrive at 11 a.m.  which in  my opinion is a very decent hour.  Buyers were to come in at 12.30.  Before the sellers arrived we made £30.00.  We thought we might sell a bit of it we sold two thirds of our stuff which was very good.  We only had one problem and that was when we were busy a guy gave me 50p less than he was supposed to and when challenged he just ran off.  OH was dealing with someone else so thought it wasnt worth pursuing but his attitude in my view was poor and I hope he is pleased with himself.  His child was there too so it teaches children its fine to do wrong.

We needed to raise a little as we are low on funds for a our holiday to the Lakes.  Well we have paid for the holiday just need spending money.  I saved £31.00 in a jar recently so thats over a £100.  I have one item on ebay which is not yet selling but then it doesnt end until tomorrow - fingers are crossed.

We have about £500 for two of us in the Lakes, it is self catering so we should manage.  Just havent saved as much as I had hoped. 

Monday, 31 May 2010

Spend Day

Had a spend day today - bought two vests and a tshirt and a scarf for 8.00 - very happy.  Might need another spend day as I am off to the Lakes soon.  I am really trying to economise further assistance from everyone will be well received.

Note to self keep eyes peeled at the supermarket.

I am so annoyed with myself.   I went shopping today after running the cupboards down as far as was possible.   OH and myself have been unwell but we needed to stock up so we went to the supermarket.  Spent just over £60.00 which was good as we got enough for two plus weeks for my husband and I and that included some halogen bulbs for the bedroom.

Managed to get some BOGOFS on items that we needed an items that I could use.  I then saw 3 multi-packs of crisps (and sorry but I rarely drink never smoke, this is my only vice), which were 3 for £3.00 so OH picked them up then we saw some hotcross buns for 44p or so we thought.  Feeling happy with ourselves we went home well it wasnt far but we were ill so it took us longer that usual.

I then made lunch and went through the receipt - I was reasonably happy as we got triple points twice as I had a coupon and a 50p off coupon too.  I get annoyed that we had three humungus bags and we only got 3 points but hey ho.  However, back to the receipt.  I was stunned OH had inadvertently picke dup a ten pack of crisps which cost £2.75!!  and not part of the offer!!!%%%  I was not happy but didnt blame him it was myself I was unhappy with.  Then remember those hotcross buns 89p grrrrr.  Oh well still nearly 7.00 savings with BOGOF and over 400 points!!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Oh where oh where have the mushrooms gone!

For some reason no further mushrooms have arrived.  OH thinks it is because its too warm - I for one am very disappointed.

Oh well never mind.  I have been reading posts on here whereby they have one spend day a month and I am very interested to see how it works!!  I do not spend every day I have quite a few NSD's per month but just spending once a month scary although I have a feeling it applies to spending money on oneself although that may stil be difficult.

Now how much to spend I have no idea!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mushrooms - home grown indoors

Got our first crop of mushrooms this week.  Only 330g but nevertheless its our first home grown and indoors.  We got the kit for £5.50. The crop so far is worthabout 90p and we are not quite sure if it will be cheaper than buying the same from the shop loose but its fun and of course we dont need to go to the shop just to get them and of course they are less likely to go to waste as we can  almost pick them when we want.  They will then last a few days.

I use mushrooms quite  a lot but not everyday so we should do okay.  Its amazing how they just shoot up so quickly!!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Storecupboard Shopping

For some reason I do not have the amount of money I usually have in my current account. I budget and I check my bank account but try as I might I cannot work out what happened.

So other than  buying a loaf of bread, a pack of turkey style quorn slices ( I ama veggie) and bananas today I have to shop from the store cupboard and fridge and freezer none of which are full up. I do have plenty of milk that I bought yesterday along with four rolls of toilet paper.

So I went to my storecupboard and threw lots of out of date food out some were two years old.  I have enough to get through this week although I think most days will include eating mash and beans at dinner time lol.  Lunches will be quorn sandwiches and perhaps cheese and crackers.  Problem is although I can get through a week I dont get paid until a week Friday.  Any tips that anyone could  give me would be great.

So I need to get back to my bank account and budget to see what I have done.  In the meantime, I sold a lovely dress on ebay now I have lost two and half stone - cost me £30 sold for just under £6.00 they are getting a bargain lovely dress and I only wore it once.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

£3.00 in coupons for a comment!

On the slimming world plan Hartley's Jellies are syn free well the 10 calorie ones add some UHT Squirty cream which is also syn free and I am happy.  Well last week the jelly I bought was not wobbling and it tasted a bit different.  I was very concerned they had changed the jlly so I wrote to them and told them of my concerns especially as I had not really enjoyed it and as a veggie I am limited in the types of jelly I can eat.  They then wrote back to me with information on other types of their jelly which was suitable for veggies and today I received a apology although I didnt really complain per se and £3.00 of premier foods coupons to spend - obviously I will spend mine on - you got JELLY yum yum yum and free even better!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Northumberland Easter 2010

I may have mentioned I went away at Easter and that I was going to post some photo's, here they are :

First here is a photo of the view outside Cragside -  a National Trust property :

We also visited Lindisfarne.  Here is its castle which is also owned by the National Trust:

We also visited Dunstunburgh Castle - here is a picture of me - its a bit windy!!

And another of this castle also National Trust:

We made the most of our subscription to the National Trust this Easter.  We always do so it is well worth it for us.  We stayed at my husband's parents who live in Acomb.  We get the pleasure of seeing them and having a wonderful holiday at the same time!

Finally, a quick pic of my husband Chris taken at Cragside:

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Growing veg without a Garden

I have always wanted to grow my own veg however for the last 15 years I havent had a garden. 

The year before last a work colleague gave us some tomato plants to grow in our window which has a huge ledge, but they didnt grow very well.

Last year my friend gave me a chilli plant which produced 2 chillis. However, although its an annual it currently has 13 chillis on it!  See below for an example. Its my husband that has been assisting them by using a paintbrush to pollenate the flowers.

Its handy that these have been successful as we eat quite a lot of chillis in veggie chilli.

We have planted more chilli plants from the seed of the existing ones.  We are also growing peas from a box of dried peas having seen this over Easter on a TV Programme.

Finally, we consume lots of lettuce expecially in the summer so today my husband has planted some which are in a propagator in our front room on the window ledge.  We are not sure that these will be successful but if they are it will save us a small fortune - fingers crossed.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Meal out Frugul style

Its my husband's 39th Birthday today.  I took him out to our favorite restaurant.  Its a chinese restaurant where you can eat all you as much as you like for £15.95 but its not a buffet, its waiter service.

I am a veggie and they have veggie duck, veggie pork and chicken.  I do go to other chinese restaurants but they do not have veggie style meat.

Well before we went I bought our pudding for our return which cost me £1.70 and is a lemon sponge pudding - not something I would normally get but as it was a special occasion!  Thats my first saving as its about £4.00 for a dessert.  Second was coffee - we just came home and had it.  I do not seem to be able to justify dessert and coffee when we go out its just so expensive. 

If anyone else has any other tips I would be grateful to hear those!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Cheery post 1

I did ,manage to spend my Next vouchers during the Easter Break - got some clothes at my target weight - I lost 2 stone 7 altogether yippee.

Now new challenge is not to spend any more money on clothes - I need to decorate and guess what over Easter  we managed to get 6 rolls of wallpaper for my hall at 4.98 reduced from 9.99 then 2 tins of paint for 20.00 and some wallpaper paste and then got 15% off it came to less than 45 quid!!

Hard Decision

Had to do something thats been coming a long time.  I cannot go into the specifics  needless to say it was difficult.  How do you guys deal with difficult decisions.  I had to upset someone I had known for a long time and think a lot of but how can you continue without doing anything about it and it gets to the stage where you feel unwell.

I will try to explain more in due course if I can but needless to say I am about to have a few more difficult days before things improve.

I will ensure my next posts are more cheerful to include I think some pics of my holiday in Northumberland.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The heading relates to Slimming World.  Yes I reached my target on 10th March 2010 yippee.  I now need new clothes.  But as ever the frugalite I will be doing this over a period of time.

Firstly, after purchasing Gok Wan's book of Work your Wardrobe (never even seen a program that he presents yet tee hee) I did out my wardrobe and threw lots of stuff out (don't bother to send to charity shops now as they seem to turn their noses up and its no good for ebay) and gave the rest to my sisters.  I then found some items with tags on for ebay and one or two still fit!!

In the Next sale last weekend (and no I didnt get a VIP invite) I bought a new work top for £8.00 and a new cardigan for £12.00.  The latter I had considered buying before but decided not to at £25.00.  I have also bought 5 longer length t-shirts from primark and other than an indulgent purchase about 6 weeks ago on a long cardigan from M & S (which although it cost me £35 I got free P & P and wear it all the time with everything).

I know some moneysavers will think I am extravagant but although I want to save money and will buy what I need I will pay more for something I need, that I can wear again and again, and that washes up nice which in my view saves money in the long run I also need to look presentable for my job.  Moreover I need something that fits being 6 ft tall! I mainly buy my clothes from Next, then M & S and of course the supermarkets and last but not least Primark.

In order to make sure I can afford new clothes and I do not splurge I set aside £50 per month for clothes and no I never spend that amount so it goes towards something else.

Changing the subject I know I am not a regular blogger as I never seem to have time but I do log in most days to read those that I am subsrcribed to I will try harder.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Glad January is over

Not that I particulary hate January it just seems to pointless.  People have less money thats a well known fact (I have the same as usual as I am a Money Saver), but its not just that there is nothing special in the shops.  I have over £100 of next vouchers and I cannot seem to spend them.  I did manage to spend my  £10.00 boots voucher yesterday on some Simple moisteriser and Maybelline foundation.  I just about ran out of foundation last November but I managed to get a free sample of olay which I have been eeking out.  Then yesterday I got some for less than £7.00 when my usual is £15.00 which of course I realise is a ridiculous amount.  I know that wearing make-up is not for everyone but I need to looking good in my job and I always feel good about myself when I make the effort. I am not one to plaster it on mind there is nothing worse and I am not an orange girl either.

Still using up all my smellies that I have.  Lots of bath and shower stuff.  I won a prize at Slimming World this month and got some more shower gel and it smells divine. 

Well on to February with its Valentines Day - bought hubby a rather large card for under a pound in the card factory.  No present this year other than we are going to get a take out pizza on the day.  He of course has booked tickets for us to see Phantom of the Opera in March with a stay at one of the Raddisson Hotels which I am looking forward to.

Well back to today have to do a small shop to make sure I stick to the meal plan.  Am really making an effort to keep within budget.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Free films

Sunday I went to see yet another free film.  I go to the cinema more than ever on occasion we pay for the tickets, but  more often than not we have free tickets.  One of the best films I saw was Slumdog Millionaire.  Last Sunday I saw Invictus which starred Morgan Freeman, who is one of my favourite actors, and Matt Damon.  The film was about President Mandela and all the good he did.  Obviously, I was aware of some of the good he did but had no idea of the actual impact he had on South Africa.  The film was so good I now believe Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela - a very good film.

The last film we  paid for was Avatar and I must say that was the best film I have ever seen the technology was outstanding.

I wonder what free film I will see next, I cannot wait. 

Monday, 1 February 2010

Over the top?

I am always looking for new ways to save money.  However, I wonder whether I have gone too far this time.  I have started to wear clothes (excluding underwear) more than once, twice and even more than three times.  I recently bought a skirt and have worn that more than three times I mean its not dirty so what's the point in that.  I have noticed with other clothes that washing seems to them no good at all.

How far do others go I wonder?  In my younger days I was the opposite, I could change my clothes two or three times in one day.  Funny how things change I have different priorities these days.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stretching the pennies

I have had flu for a couple of weeks.  My husband Chris is now suffering.  However, as a result of this illness I have noticed that I have not kept an usual eye on the pennies.  Not just because we have purchased approximately 14 boxes and a ten pack of handie andies but because we have felt so rough we have grabbed a pizza etc as opposed to shopping from scratch.  As a result I went a little over shopping budget although my naughty husband still spends money on groceries even though that is a "bill" that I am supposed to pay.

So now I am feeling a little better last night I went to Asda with my £5.00 off a £50.00 spend coupon and got myself almost a month's shopping.  What I have decided to do is to do a month's menu and buy most of the groceries in advance.  I spent a little over £60.00 but didn't get all that I wanted to get.

I therefore had to get a few items from Sainsburys today and spent just under £10.00 after using my coupon that I got from Slimming World for a free Hartley Jelly and the others were 2 for 80p - bargain when they are abouit 63-67p in Asda.  I buy them because they are half a syn each and with aerosal cream which is effectively syn free they are a guilt free pleasure.

Then I got my breakfast bars Alpen lights choc and orange from the pound shop for 99p  each, they are £1.63 in the supermarket. I eat two a day as a healthy extra on slimming world and I know that there are cheaper breakfasts but its the cheapest breakfast bar I can get on this food optimisation regime.

So it appears that I am on track now for the month so far - although February hasnt started but I got paid last Thursday and get paid four weeks later - yippee for a short month.

Off now to look at some blogs with  MeanQueens first me thinks - I look at her blog daily and others even if I do not blog myself.