Sunday, 28 October 2012


Its not my favourite season as I hate dark evenings but even I can see its Beauty . . .

Autumn Free Wallpaper - Empty Bench In Fall Scene no93152

Just to let you know that I did weigh in less at SW a big fat half pound tee hee.  Oh well better than nothing!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stress Class

It really was amazing. The most helpful piece of information was that apparently there are five parts to the sleep cycle which occurs four or five times and it is normal to wake up after stage 5.  It was a relief to hear that.  Also the ideal temperature to sleep in is 18c.  I never have the heating on at night and always have a window open. I have not put the heating I yet this year. I am waiting until November the first.  Apparently lie ins are bad for us oops!  Healthy eating helps oops.  Although I have tried hard this week.  I weigh in tonight and feel I have lost weight.

At the end of the session,which was about how stress affects the body and sleep, we had a little time for deep relaxation.  I love that.  It was the main reason I went to Yoga. I must find another class!  We were also shown breathing exercises which assist us during panic attacks.  It is called 7/11 and you breath in for 7 and out for 11 although some including me could only do 5 in and 8 out so as long. As you breathe out longer than the breath in it is okay.

Next week we are dealing with thoughts and we were told this is the most important session.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Christmas is coming

I wasn't sure a few months back I would be in the mood.  To be honest thinking about it is keeping my mind off other things such as my stress and depression.  Had some terrible days recently. I am trying to make plans in the hope I can assist myself in getting better sooner so I can work.  I have my ESA assessment soon and listening to all the horror stories it would seem they expect everyone to work.

Anyway back to Christmas.  My sister has kindly invited us over for the day.  We will have a good day with her and her husband and children.  We will no doubt play board games and lovely food.  I always feel lifted spending time with them.  We are close, in fact they are coming over for a mealandd games night this Saturday!

I already have Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags etc.  I have bought a few presents already and expect to finish Christmas shopping by early December!  A lot of thought goes into the presents I buy and I do not really set a budget but I do not go mad.  If someone asks for an item I often research it online to get the best price.  Does anyone else do this?

In terms of food I shall limit the amount of food that I get in as I am still trying to lose weight.  I have made an extra special effort this week.

Usually around this time I have a few social engagements but my mental health is such I cannot cope with that this year. Oh well need to get better and sort myself out.

Stress class tomorrow night and I know that will help.

I will let you know how it goes!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pharmaton Active Life

Before I explain how good these multivitamins are, I have to inform you that I am a BuzzAgent agent and I am therefore spreading the news on products they send me.

However, I have not blogged about any of the products before.  As you know I have been feeling down and I felt that I needed a pick-me-up.  So when I got invited to this campaign I jumped at the chance.

After just a week, of taking just one caplet a day, although I am not about to claim they are lifting me out of depression, I did notice an improvement in my energy levels.  The real effect comes at week 3 to 4!

I do have some money off vouchers if you would contact me I would gladly send them to you, they are £2.00 off the product at Boots only!  I have about 6 so first come first served!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stress Course

Having had one to one CBT I today started week one of a five week stress course.  I was so worried about going.  I couldn't believe how many of us there were suffering the same thing.

We dealt with what is stress?  We interacted with the tutors to determine what it was and its symptoms as well as anxiety.  There was no requirement to tell our story but should we discuss them between us it is confidential.

I feel I got a lot out of it.

Feeling stressed at going to the docs tomorrow. Have to explain to him I still don't feel I'm ready to go to work!!  Oh well going to the CAB with my sister, Sarah tomorrow so won't have much time to worry. Anyway, ta ra for now!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Relapse and allotment!

Crying at the drop of a hat this morning!!  Tut tut.  Life is so hard sometimes.

So to take my mind off of it I am letting you know I accepted the allotment.  We went to see it Monday evening by peeking through the fence!  It is very overgrown as I expected but it costs £24. Per annum!!

The plot was split in two, we have the front half.  We are going to liaise with the person behind us as to where to place our shed he has one, so he cannot really say anything but his is at the back.  Ours will affect him!  Oh and a little seat to sit and have tea and cake.  We aren't the type to do everything in one go!!  We know this will take mons. We will have a small one.  We collect the keys Friday!!  I can't wait.

Monday, 8 October 2012


Guess what we have been offered an allotment at our second choice place.  It is half what they used to be as demand has risen but it will be great for us we the end of it which I think doesn't have a shed.  We are going to have a look at it when OH gets home. 

I'm off to get some allotment tips!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Getting there

Well issue with work is resolved of sorts.  All I can tell you is that I am no longer employed.

I feel better in the knowledgem that I can move on, however, I do not feel up to going back to work just yet, I must complete my therapy.

I finished the first part of my CBT and in a coupled weeks or so I am embarking on stress classes. Although I felt I dealt with stress quite well I still had a breakdown.

I have downloaded mediation apps for my iPhone too.  I do feel that I am getting better!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I have too much!

Now that we have moved the items we need to the new flat, I realise and I am sure I have mentioned this on my blog, that I have too much!

Not just clothes, but shoes, cosmetics and smellies, so I am not going to buy anything unless I need to.  I cannot to Stoptober wholly as car insurance and other things are due but I am eating out of the cupboards and freezer where I can and only buying the minimum of ingredients.

For example, Sunday night I cooked a bolognaise, using Quorn Mince which is £1.89 and a tomato sauce ( I know I can make it cheaper but I prefer using a jar) costing £1.20 and pasta which was reduced to 25p for 500g.  It made four portions and that is about 84 p a portion which sounds good to me!!

We still have items at our old flat as the Loss Adjuster is so slow hoever do have a storage company coming for the remaining items that we can do without for six months.

Issue with firm seems to be dragging on but hope that it is resolved soon so that I can look at getting better so I can get a job.  I have completed my ESA forms and apart from some confusion about my working voluntarily on average about 2-4 hours a month - so they sent me a PW1 for paid workers, I found the procedure fine which is probably because I do not intend to be on it for too long.

I am still struggling with depression and have still been having panic attacks I am hoping that once the issue with my firm is resolved I can get back to normal whatever that is.

Ta ra for  now!