Thursday, 22 September 2011

Water Meter . . .

 . . . is going to be fitted tomorrow we hope, there may be one or two issues.  If they cannot do it tomorrow they may come back or assess us on the basis of what we use.  Hopefully that means savings of about £25.00 per month!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Going away for a few days

OH has booked us into a Spa for a few days. It is my 40th Birthday present.  (Birthday not until December but this was only time we could get off together.)  Not cheap although it was done as OS as possible.  We got the third night free and we are getting a free fish pedicure.  The rest is in the package of which we get three treatments each all meals and classes.

So although it is expensive OH saved a couple of hundred pound.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Phone contract downgrade

OH gave me his iphone 3.  I love it.  I do not want the new iphone and I was paying £35.00 plus puer month for 3000 texts, 600 minutes and 500 mb.  Last month I used 92 texts 19 mb - as use wifi and about 9 minutes talk time - sad pants I know no friends.  I use email and we have landline with our Virgin package - which we have reduced recently. So for the above downgrade would go down to about £20.00 but after investigating further if I have the above but 250 mb it costs £15.50 and £1.00 per extra 100mb so I worked out that should I want the extra mb it would not cost a fiver.  I am currently very happy at the £20 per month I have saved!  I could have got PAYG as it hasnt been unknown for me to make a tenner last months but I am happy with this new arrangement.  I could not go lowed as it would be as above but without any mb and I need the mb.

On another note when I was in Scotland I bought some mouthwash for £1.00 for about 250 ml.  I have been looking around the supermarket to no avail.  I decided therefore to check Lloyds they had some Oral B from £1.29 to £86p which was better than the reduced Listerine 500 ml at £1.99.  My friend who I dragged along was amazed as it did appear cheaper than Wilko!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Fruit and Veg box

Recently, I signed up to a fruit and veg box with Abel and Cole.  I had a code to get a free box on my 4th so I thought why not.  Even though I am getting a small box your third box can be any size.

I got potatoes - having these today with my dinner - with the spinach and the carrots.  I shall use one of the onions.  We have been eating - the bananas.  I shall use the rhubarb and make a compote draining off any excess water for a cordial.  I also got Kiwi which I have yet to use and also got Tomatoes.

My OH then came back from my mum's after helping her out, and she had given us some Rhubarb and some green beens which we shall also have with dinner yum yum.

The small box was £12.99 with delivery and adding it up I do feel that it probably is dearer than going to the shop but to be honest it kept us from going for a few days so money saved in the long run!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saving on essentials

This week we received our renewal for the car insurances.  We went with Admiral last year and took advantage of their multi-car discount.  Just before we receive our renewal we checked the internet incuding the comparison sites.  The cheapest was Admiral!

When we got our renewal we were suprised to see that our renewal beat the internet price.  However, a colleague had got hers down even further by haggling.  So I called up and said how my colleague had got cheaper insurance and I wanted them to better their quite - they reduced mine by £35 and OH's by £26!  We are so happy with that!

Also the water bill is £63 per month.  The same colleague told me that her bill was £38 per month by way of water meter. Now I have tried to get a water meter before and it was not possible however, they can fit one inside.  They are coming in the next few weeks and they believe that our bill should be £38.  Let's hope so.

Not a bad saving overall I would say and it certainly makes uo for my lack of payrise - although OH has had a significant pay rise and we have jobs.