Sunday, 31 October 2010

Moneysaving books

 Here are some of my MS books.

There are two missing. One is the "Tightwad Gazette" and the other is "How I lived on a pound a day." I think I have an addiction and if I didnt keep buying them I would have more money lol.  My favourite's include the latter and the Penny Pinchers Book. Having been a member of MSE since 2004 I like "Thrifty Ways for Modern Days."  I am still not as frugal as I like.  But as I have said from the beginning its not about me being tight as it were it is getting more for less.

Tomorrow I have a day off and I am going to spend a few hours at the charity shops near me.  I think there are about 7 or 8 so I must keep a tight rein on my spending.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Freebies and No Spends in town

I received this from Cravendale this morning - I was really chuffed with this freebie:

Would someone please tell me why my pics post sideways?
This afternoon I went to town - well I live there.  I went around the shops and bought nothing.  Got a huge grocery shop this evening £50.00 and then £4.00 off coupon at Tesco well please with myself.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Contented Sunday

I got up at 10 a.m. today and I refused to feel guilty. I did some housework and some washing.

I made a few cookies.  23 in total some small, medium and large.  Here are 6 of the medium:

No idea why it is sideways on here.

OH and I then went for a walk around the Old Town then on passed Poole Quay and the fishing boats

Then on to Baiter:

Then on a little further and is that Millionaires row in the background namely Sandbanks

Then we sat down for a while before going home - not a bad view - its Brownsea Island.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spa Day

I already know the answer to this.  My daughter was 21 this year.  I promised her a spa day with her mum i.e. me.  She went to OZ at the time I was going to book it for.  It was postponed.  I have only managed to save £200.  The day we both really want comes for £300 but there is a day we would be happy with for £200.  As it was for her 21st I feel a bit mean not giving her the day she wants but she insists the £200 one is okay.  Am I a skinflint or am I sensible - given my last post.  Please please dont think bad of me whatever your view.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Skint - again

I know I have posted a similar topic before.  But I have budgeted and cut back and still a week plus before payday and I have a few quid left.  Okay got enough for meals until payday but not lunches milk etc.  I really tried this month. Put spare money in the safe so that OH didnt spend money and he ignored it and spent money anyway.  So I gave up. 

I think it was that I bought too much food I have enough for half of next month too and I took my daughter out for lunch.  I just cannot believe something so small means I am skint. 

I am getting bills through which are going up next year . . . no payrise for the last couple of years . . . working like a dog . . . making frugal meals like tonight for less than £3.00 for both OH and I for two nights.  Please please help me any tips anyone?