Friday, 29 April 2011

Using up to do up our shoe and coat cupboard.

Firstly, we have some paint left over from decorating another room some while ago and some over left carpet from the hall as well as glass pain for the skirting. Got some left over wood that we kept from our old wall unit to box in the tap etc.  Now this cupboard has terrible walls wonky and holes etc. 

Now OH thinks we should just do what we can and paint over it and until recently I would have disagreed but we have decided that we will put the property on the market in 2014.  I wanted to rent it out but OH thinks is will just be hassle.  Its right in the town centre - not too noisy and is worth 30k more than if outside town.

We want to move into a house with a garden.  So this means we do not want to spend too much money on it.  I would have got it plastered properly if we were staying. I am sure whoever moves here will want to do it up themselves however, saying that most locals rent from a landlord so an investor may buy it - got ages yet but we still have to bear that in mind.

So back to the cupboard OH has to buy some finishing plaster and hooks as one or two have broken off and thats it a revamp on a budget having made do!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Still using up . . .

items.  You may recall that I cut the top from my simple tube and there is still lots left.

I am using up some tomatoes that are weeks old and some cheese of similar age with some panini I got at reduced price and froze some time ago for lunch tomorrow. I am determined to use up items from the freezer, fridge and cupboards before I do a big shop.  I would usually just rush out and do a shop when I get paid no not this month!

Tomorrow I need coffee and milk ran out of coffee today and nearly out of milk but still didnt rush to the shop!  I am hoping to last about another week on items that we already have in.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Simply things in life . . .

Yes making daisy chains.  I spent time yesterday making them with my daughter Jessica.  It was amazing.  Very theraputic and spent precious time with my child.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Back to Basics my 100th post!!

Having had an absolutely expensive April, OH 40th birthday and my sister's birthday, car tax and MOT although I did have most of the money set aside, I do need to get back to basics.  We have had a bit of  a shock with the utility bills.  OH changed supplier and it appears he may have given the new supplier the wrong meter reading and he may have been given a rebate by the previous supplier (do you get the feeling that OH isnt has OS as me).

Now we are looking to reduce our gas and more importantly our electricy consumption.  I try and make sure we turn the lights off, tv on standby and only user the dryer when necessary (we are in a flat and we cannot use line there is no where to put one). We do put  most of the washing over the radiators which are not on. And we open the windows and stand an airer underneath them.   I try to wear clothes more than once before washing them. I just dont know what else to try.  Its difficult to know whether our bill was incorrect when OH was and is so vague.  He just says there is nothing he can do.  I am annoyed to be honest that the is so laid back about it. 

We do not put our money together.  One reason is he is so easy going with it.  I meal plan and sometimes we go without non-essentials, he comes back with a bag full of non-essentials.  I deal with it by thinking if thats what he wants to do with HIS money so be it.  But then on occasions when we need to make big purchases he cannot contributes.  There is not a big problem just irritating at times.

Anyway OH earns quite a lot more than mean and I was starting to catch up but he had a huge wage rise recently and I had 1% - not that I am not grateful just that I was led to believe that I was going to get a significant rise hey how.  So OH pays more towards the bills then I do, we pay half the mortgage each and I pay for the food.  Food is a nightmare at the moment and as I say I meal plan but its getting impossible.  We pay for our own car etc and petrol.  I hate going out in it to be honest. 

I know people on here are really stuck financially and they are in debt whereas I just have my student loan (although OH is in debt and it is quite large as our finances are separate he will not allow me to help him with it.  If I try I get criticised.  I.e. I told him to transfer his credit card balance for months eventually he did but didnt tell me.  He saved over £100 a month.  When I came accross this he said he didnt want me to know as I would be smug lol.

I think this post is now a bit of a ramble but I need your help to get back to basics.  Most importantly is food and gas and electric bills.  Thanks in anticipation x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter my friends!

Enjoy your Easter Sunday.

But dont forget :

the real reason behind it.  Jesus died for us before:
jesus risen sky black picture and wallpaper

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Easter break 11 days!

What lovely weather! Yesterday I went to my sister's and her husband's home.  They had a lovely barbecue.  Their children kept us entertained.  They have two, William aged 4 and Megan aged 6.  They made us laugh so much.

We took a game we got for Christmas to play in the evening.

BTW way OH had a nice birthday last Sunday. He loved his cake.  I took some decorations down to the restaurant. He really loved it so pleased.

Today we went to Primark.  I bought two pairs of flip flops and OH bought tshirts and shorts all for a decent price not too cheap but not £30.00 a t'shirt like some shops are charging.  I am trying not to buy any clothes now.  I am in need to a black shrug but could really leave it to be honest. 

I am also in need of a new moisturiser its only £4.00 its from Simple and its oil free to stop my "Moon Shine" face.  Its in a tube and I cut the end of and guess what loads left.

Dinner tomorrow its just going to be meat free chilli chicken which we will have Monday. May make a trifle let over from Christmas.  All the cake is gone.

Other news includes my car passed its MOT.  Phew.  Its breaks need a clean so OH will do that for me - will save me a pretty penny.  I didnt get the payrise I was promised just 1% but hey ho.  I  made it clear I was disappointed. 

I just think how lucky I am compared to some and now I am off work until 3 May.

Hope everyone has a good easter enjoying spending time with their friends and family.  Thanks to Jesus x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Getting sorted

Well I did order OH a cake but through a friend.  That cost £39 and the money is set aside.  I then booked him a tank driving experience.  I know he will love that.  I have the voucher so I will wrap it up.

I have been so busy with work lately I havent had time to post.  I should be back after the weekend.   I am not very OS at the moment.  When you work late all the time we sometimes weaken and end up getting pizza although not takeaway so that's something.

I have to have a frugal May and June its a must.  I will have to get back to basics.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Been away for a while - back soon

I am so busy at the moment, I do not seem to have chance to post.

However, I am doing okay, sorting out OH birthday etc.

I will try to post soon bear with me.