Saturday, 10 May 2014

Lost my job!

Back at the end of April I lost my job. No proper reason given.  I was initially upset over the unfairness of it all. I then got temporary work for a week at a local firm just up the road. By 12 noon in the next working day I was at a new desk.  I knew quite a few people there.  I was made very welcome.  I am awaiting to hear about the positions I applied for.

I was paid a months wages by my last firm for breach of contract and I got paid a decent amount for last week.  I had this week off to lick my wounds.  I went out with my ex- colleagues for a meal on Monday, which they paid for.  They all expressed their sadness that I had gone.  I got various jobs done around the house which I previously hadn't had time for and ensured we had food in etc.

I have some temporary work at another firm in the next few weeks in another town, I can get there by a short train journey. Money is not great but either I shall be offered a permanent job for a decent amount of money or perhaps something else will come along.

The upside although I feel lucky in that there isn't really a downside as although my employment was terminated unfairly, I am coping well, we have paid for our Nile cruise which starts a week Monday.  I think what I am saying is is you can deal with life's challenges if you put your mind to it!