Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Oh dear

Now we had thought we had a damp problem but it turns out to be a leaking pipe under the floor. I wonder how much that will cost? Have checked all insurance and pipe cover and nothing doing! Oh Dear!!

What do you do??

When you know your husband has a credit card and is making the minimum monthly payments, is out of the 0% balance transfer stage and is being charged interest and when you mention he should change he just rolls his eyes!! We are skint!! I mention it perhaps every one or two months!!! What can I do??

Friday, 20 July 2012

Busy and skinteroony and Welcome to my new followers!

Welcome to my new followers!!

Been busy so havent blogged, must do better.  However, I have been feeling better in myself, but yesterday I had a major setback felt lower than ever having felt better for one week.

Had my first one to one with my lifecoach who told me to plan each day with things I want to do, have to do and need to do.  That is working well.  I had to list things I do not like doing or find hard to do or easy to do,  however, the things I really do not want to do I didnt list.  I shall have to rectify that before I go back next week.

Money is so tight I am having to dip into savings to make ends meet.  I can manage that for a while longer indeed that is what emergency money is for isnt it!.  I have had to cut right back on the shopping though not even spent £100 this month.  Having to run the freezer and cupboards down.  I need to do buy a few bits tomorrow.

I might try and sell some items on ebay tomorrow as it is free listing.  I have a S and G lipstick and a few other items.  Didnt do very well at all last time but hey ho. 

I have downloaded Quidco checkin and made a couple of pound, have joined Nectar canvass and got some additional points towards the Christmas shopping.  I am also doing other surveys but this will make pennys but I have to do something.
All extras are in the form of vouchers save eBay but I don't mind.
The main thing I have been doing is entering comps I must have entered hundreds so fingers crossed!

OOH sun was out today and my lovely friend took me out for the day.  Sun should be a feature around here for the forseeable well lets hope so!  Enjoy the sun xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

five out of ten days No Spends

Well in July I have had five No Spend Days, mainly because I am brassic lint!

Oh well OH has had the last two afternoons off and its been lovely!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Going to turn a bad day into a good one!

Well had meeting with HR and I am to have another report. Had one in my favour, they want to see if I am well enough to make a decision. So report would be done mid August with a view to meeting shortly thereafter to try and move forward. I know what I want to do but they want to check I am well enough. I just want to move on and try and get better. I did not sleep at all for the worry and felt exhausted this morning! I am going to treat myself to pea fritter and chips to cheer me up. I lost two pound this week so a little treat will do me good! What do you treat yourself to?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Random Acts of kindness

I have decided to record random acts of kindness that I have received from others not including family and friends as well as those given. For example, on Monday I was putting out the recycling, my neighbour was outside and insisted on escorting me to the bin with his umbrella over me so that I didn't get wet then opened the bin for me before escorting me back. Then in the evening we saw a free film and the guy next to us offered a muffin to us. We didn't accept though! How nice! I haven't been randomly kind to anyone this week but I shall work on that. What random acts of kindness have you received or given this week?

Monday, 2 July 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain

I got up - eventually- this morning raining again!!  I felt down and would have loved to stay in bed, but I thought I better get up and do some housework. I just polished, hoovered, and tidied.

I went to get my Step-dad a birthday card, got a few  bits from the shops and did the ironing, as well as watching a bit of tennis.

OH and I then went to the Cinema and saw a film for free - with free popcorn courtesy of Virgin Media.  We saw Magic Mike and it is not for the faint hearted although is was funny made me feel better for a couple of hours - running time is 1 hour 50.

The film is about Mike - funny that, who works as a roofer during the day and a stripper during the night hoping to fund his own furniture business.  He then teaches Adam the ropes and his ambitions do not work out as planned however, he does find love.

See below for the trailer:

Sunday, 1 July 2012

No spend day!

Today was a no spend day. I am hoping for 14 this month. I didn't get round to telling you that my first CBT is on 11th July and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the lovely messages it means a lot! I hadn't good day today. Had a lay in had a lovely salad - cheap as ingredients were from Aldi and included their super six, went for a walk with OH and watched films, hence a no spend day. I am trying to cut right back. My cupboards and freezer are full! I had a day out with a friend yesterday a post will follow sometime this week. I have a meeting with HR on Thursday, I am hoping for a resolution. I have to see my GP Friday then after I am meeting an old school mate - am so looking forward to that. Hope you all have a good week.