Sunday, 30 January 2011

My OH the frugal moneysaver

How you ask.  If hardly ever buys clothes.  They are years old.  Some must be 8 years old.  All he usually buys are trousers and shirts for work, pants, he bought and new coat last year and a pair of slippers.  He wears jeans and trousers at home and probably buys jeans once every two years and trousers twice a year. He gets tshirts for christmas and his jumpers/fleeces are ancient lol.

Got to admire him really.  I think I need to learn from him.  I am not too bad myself.  Most of my clothes come from sales or I save up for them.  I give myself a clothing budget each month and save most of it for the sales.  I have my new summer clothes in the wardrobe from last years sales.  My needs are dealt with, my wants well theres another matter, although I will still buy clothes that are multifunctional.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.  OOOh I have a day of tomorrow so so pleased!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Phew people are listening or at least reading!

I have been feeling low.  I feel as I did as a child.  I tried to tell my mum when I was little that someone was doing something to me that they shouldnt.  She wouldnt listen!  I tried to tell people that I was suffering DV in a relationship for 7 years.  Now I am suffering in my job.  In all cases I felt that I was in the swimming poole sinking, people could see and hear me but just ignored me.  All I feel is blind panic.  All I wanted was someone to hear me.

None of these situations are my fault.  I know this because my God helps me through it.  I just hope I get through this also.

Thanks Liz and Sharon for helping me, I thought Phew people are listing or at least reading xx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

No light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so low at the moment.  Its my boss, I work so hard, work extra hours for nothing, I dont mind I love my work.  However, I am sinking and am given more.  I am told to work harder later its not a 9-5.  I do more than 10 hours a week extra sometimes 15 plus.

I see that there are colleagues who do less a lot less some hardly anything.  Nothing is said.  I love my work I hate my job why does my boss not see how hard I work.  I feel so desperate.  I cannot stop crying.  I wonder if she cares that I cry myself to sleep at night.  I have been looking and applying for jobs for over 6 months.  I cannot see any way out.  I am not depressed home life wonderful yet I feel so low.  Sorry if I am depressing you x  Any ideas are welcome.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A couple of goals!

I want to have a least £100 as a cushion in my current account and any wages left over each month (usually about £10) goes towards the mortgage.  I will pay this off in a lump sum by way of overpayment - may be small but every little helps.
We want to rent out our flat in about 4 years time and buy a house - this is our biggest goal eek!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Since the 1st Jan I have already seen a film for free at the cinema, had afternoon tea at a really posh place as OH won it in a raffle and downloaded Olly Murs new album for free.

Not bad huh?

Today I had a day off watched SATC2.  Just leaving it as long as I can until I go back to work - tomorrow dreading it!  Its such hard work at the moment.  My secretary left and this has left me in a really difficult position.  I need one to provide a qualityservice.  Hey Ho x

Monday, 3 January 2011

Quality Coat for only £25.00

I have been looking for a quality wool coat for ages.  I wanted it to be a least 50% wool.  I found it at last.  Only one other came close and it was made by Ted Baker and cost over £200.

Today I went into Asda yes Asda and there is was.

Here it is!

Now I am a Next girl as many of you know and I do wish it had a Next label or even M and S.  I know that is outrageous of me.  We are trained to think of labels and branded goods - not any more!

However, I had £201.00 to spend on a coat and boots.  So I have also spent £55.00 on a mac from Next )( have also wanted one of these for 3 years lol - not yet received and £130 on a pair of casual Boots from Clarks - not yet received.  I have gone £10.00 over not bad I feel.  I had £69 from Christmas bonus from work and the rest from my savings jar.

I also wanted to add to my last post.  I forgot to mention that I had about £100 of vouchers which we got from scanning our weekly shop, to use as gifts etc at Christmas.

Now back to clothing I feel I could go through most of the year without clothes - got all my summer ones anyway.

Might just need one hoody - lets see.  I wont be buying a new dress for this years ball will wear last years!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas 2010 bought and paid for!

I saved for Christmas.  £30 a month into an account for presents and food.  I also had about £35.00 in vouchers.

MIL and FIL came down.  They brought some lovely napkins for the table and I got out my reduced price crackers - not a bad table is it:

You will see there are presents on the table.  MIL bought them with her as well as stocking presents.  We all had a stocking.

Here they are with my husband having enjoyed their Christmas Dinner:
By the way the table cloth was a paper one from a supermarket it was a value one and reduced lol.

Here I am having enjoyed my Christmas Dinner:

 A meal was made out of the leftover chicken for MIL, FIL  and OH as well as a soup out of the carcass.  Very little waste in our household - save a little salad.
We live on the South Coast and OH family live in Northumsberland so it was good to see them over Christmas for a change.