Friday, 26 November 2010

Silver Sandals but at what price

I have managed to find some silver sandals on ebay.  Not flat but with a small heel.  I saw some advertised as £17.99 but thats only for size 3 , size 4-7 are £18.99 and size 8 are £21.99.  I didnt realise and I need them so I feel disappointed.  I like a lot of their shoes but I wont be buying anything from them again. Doubt I will even leave feedback .

Spa day beckons tomorrow with my daughter.  As the snow has started to fall my OH is probably going to take us although it is only 15 minutes away.

So tomorrow is R & R all day!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wish I wasnt so tall.

I am 6.0 tall.  It can be difficult clothes wise being MSE.  I told you recently about my 40% off dress.  Yesterday I spent my £20.00 walkers money on a pair of silver sandals.  I got 20% off.  I tried them on with my dress and I feel it might make me a tad tall.  My dress should touch the floor it does at the back as it has a train but its about an inch off the floor at the front and I am a tad fed up.  I may just wear my black ones which are about one inch high.

I know i know there are worse things in life.  But thank goodness they make trousers longer than they used to when I was a child.  I still have some problems though we are not all 5.5.

Well my stew is nearly ready.  I made dumplings too.  There will be enough for tomorrow night when I get home from work.  I am also going to make a jam sponge pud pud.  Cannot find a micro recipe so will bake in the oven.

This being the last week of the month I am nearly out of my food budget although I have enough food to last weeks lol.  Just the every day stuff such a milk bread etc. 

Friday, 19 November 2010

Happy Days

Had a good day at work.  We raised money for Children in Need, some made cakes, we made biscuits, a game and a raffle.  Plus my boss is willing to back my application for the firm to pay for my LPC (qualification for me to become a Solicitor - although I am a FILEX and do the same Job).  It costs about 10k I can do it part time at Southampton Uni - well I have to check it all out later.  I wont be able to enrol until next year but I am so chuffed.  I had to qualify as a FILEX as I couldnt afford the LPC when I completed my Law Degree. I am glad I did and am proud to be a FILEX but my firm will not let me move up the ladder without doing it.

Fingers crossed all x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Uncertain Times

Well last night Ken Clarke announced cuts in Legal Aid, now whatever the arguments and I can see the arguments for and against it will affect my job.  Now whether it will mean I will lose it is anyone's guess not that I am overjoyed there at the moment. I do mainly legal aid and its not a big earner we get a third of private rates, there is an enormous amount of paperwork and we work three times as hard to run the case.

Trouble is the general public see lawyers as money grabbing but thats impossible with Legal they dont  just give you a cheque book you need to justify every penny.

In financial matters legal aid isnt free you have to repay in the end if you retain or recover money or property.

I am hoping it will be positive in the long run as if there is in effect no legal aid lawyers will have private fee paying clients.  However, if folk cannot afford it some lawyers will inevitably be out of a job.

The problem is the Court is inundated, so are CAFCASS (Child and Family Reporter) and of course this Country is in debt but what about children that cannot see their mother or father because their parents cannot afford to take the matter to Court. Mediation can work but not always.  Some people are so hurt for one reason or another they cannot speak to their ex.

I dont propose to go on about it but I am now really worried about the effect on families.  I just have a sense of anarchy around the corner.  Only time will tell.

On a brighter note I have won £20.00 in the last week on Walkers Rainy days will add that to the pot.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sealed Pot Emptied

Two years ago I attempted a sealed pot challenge.  Emptied pot and banked £132.25.  What to spend it on. 

Here is OH sorting it using a money sorted.  Didnt need it as Natwest has a paying in coin counter!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Not bad savings could have been better.

Well this weekend, I went to a free fireworks night near where I live.  Last night I went to my sisters firework party.  She has five children (and she is not mse bless her) we took £40.00 of fireworks which cost £20.00 between OH and myself.  This morning we watched a free film called Unstoppable and it was very good edge of the seat stuff for the entire length of film.

Then we went to Prezzo as we have £20.00 of vouchers left.  Bill came to £33.00 OH had a rebate from the utilities due to overpayment.

I then bought my ballgown for a party - online.  Its to do with my job and I love going.  It was Debut from Debenhams and they were 20% off and I got a 15% code plus as I had trouble with their website for the last two days they gave me another 5% off.  I wont be buying a dress for the next two years as I can wear last years next year and this years the year after.  I just hope the one I bought fits.  The other one I saw in the shop fitted but I had my heart set on the other one.

This p.m.  I managed to take advantage of the yellow stickers at Sainsbugs!!

Now what i didnt do today was use my 5p off per litre at Mr T's I was so looking forward to the day I forgot darn it!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Was it a good idea?

When we bought our home we did not put any money on the mortgage to do the place up.  The kitchen and front room we have done up and we are doing the hall.  The bathroom is an absolute hole.  We have tried to do what we can.  The plaster isnt very good above the door.  Neither OH nor I are DIYers nor do we have the money to pay someone to do it.  I have noticed that I try not to lay in the bath as I look around me and I get upset.

I have a home, a wonderful husband, wonderful daughter and family, plenty of food decent wages and a job and here I am worrying about the state of my bathroom. 

When I put it into context it doesnt feel half as bad.  I have decided I am going to have to just continue to put money away specifically towards doing my home up and it takes as long as it takes but I am not going to "bung it on my mortgage."

I will just have to lay back in that bathroom and dream zzzzzzzzz

Monday, 1 November 2010

Funny day off

Well as I said earlier no bargains at the charity shops.  I went to the final one after I last posted and nothing.  There were clothes that came from shops that havent beem around for years!!

Anyway one reason for my day off was in relation to my sofa.  It was ordered last Christmas and delivered in Feb.  After a few weeks something small broke underneath, no probs they fixed it but a day off was required as the company cannot give you a time.

Then a few weeks ago one of the sofas wobbles and the other one has a bit of wear.  We were not very happy to say the least.  We have no young children at home to cause any extra wear.  The guy came today at 5.30 and fixed the wobble but the wear wasnt on his list.  Well you know what that means another day off. 

Do companies think that it is still the 70s and 80's when someone was still at home.  We both work and I do not mind having one day off but it will soon be three and they work Saturdays but you cannot get an appointment as they are booked up (two weeks in advance and you cannot book any farther on). Why can they not book us a slot even a.m. or p.m would help!!

Anyway rant over.

Oh wanted to go to Asda to get some speakers for his p.c.  I picked up 6 mens socks for £2.50 for me (am a size 8). I got 36 packets of Walkers crisps for £4.00.  I usually buy value ranges but couldnt resist.  I know they are a luxury but I couldnt help it. 

Back to work and all its politics tomorrow.  I might tell you one day what goes on it will make your hair curl!! 

My second hand shop finds . . .

None, not one item.  The shops were all bursting with people. No one was buying. The reasons for this include the products being overpriced and under quality (if the latter is a word).  They have items starting at abour £4.00 even for Primark clothing originally for £2.00.  And no this was all second hand.  I have one more to go to and if its the same I wonder if I will bother again.  Most of the clothing I would have thrown out.  What has happened.  I used to get so many bargains . . .