Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stretching the pennies

I have had flu for a couple of weeks.  My husband Chris is now suffering.  However, as a result of this illness I have noticed that I have not kept an usual eye on the pennies.  Not just because we have purchased approximately 14 boxes and a ten pack of handie andies but because we have felt so rough we have grabbed a pizza etc as opposed to shopping from scratch.  As a result I went a little over shopping budget although my naughty husband still spends money on groceries even though that is a "bill" that I am supposed to pay.

So now I am feeling a little better last night I went to Asda with my £5.00 off a £50.00 spend coupon and got myself almost a month's shopping.  What I have decided to do is to do a month's menu and buy most of the groceries in advance.  I spent a little over £60.00 but didn't get all that I wanted to get.

I therefore had to get a few items from Sainsburys today and spent just under £10.00 after using my coupon that I got from Slimming World for a free Hartley Jelly and the others were 2 for 80p - bargain when they are abouit 63-67p in Asda.  I buy them because they are half a syn each and with aerosal cream which is effectively syn free they are a guilt free pleasure.

Then I got my breakfast bars Alpen lights choc and orange from the pound shop for 99p  each, they are £1.63 in the supermarket. I eat two a day as a healthy extra on slimming world and I know that there are cheaper breakfasts but its the cheapest breakfast bar I can get on this food optimisation regime.

So it appears that I am on track now for the month so far - although February hasnt started but I got paid last Thursday and get paid four weeks later - yippee for a short month.

Off now to look at some blogs with  MeanQueens first me thinks - I look at her blog daily and others even if I do not blog myself.