Sunday, 25 April 2010

Growing veg without a Garden

I have always wanted to grow my own veg however for the last 15 years I havent had a garden. 

The year before last a work colleague gave us some tomato plants to grow in our window which has a huge ledge, but they didnt grow very well.

Last year my friend gave me a chilli plant which produced 2 chillis. However, although its an annual it currently has 13 chillis on it!  See below for an example. Its my husband that has been assisting them by using a paintbrush to pollenate the flowers.

Its handy that these have been successful as we eat quite a lot of chillis in veggie chilli.

We have planted more chilli plants from the seed of the existing ones.  We are also growing peas from a box of dried peas having seen this over Easter on a TV Programme.

Finally, we consume lots of lettuce expecially in the summer so today my husband has planted some which are in a propagator in our front room on the window ledge.  We are not sure that these will be successful but if they are it will save us a small fortune - fingers crossed.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Meal out Frugul style

Its my husband's 39th Birthday today.  I took him out to our favorite restaurant.  Its a chinese restaurant where you can eat all you as much as you like for £15.95 but its not a buffet, its waiter service.

I am a veggie and they have veggie duck, veggie pork and chicken.  I do go to other chinese restaurants but they do not have veggie style meat.

Well before we went I bought our pudding for our return which cost me £1.70 and is a lemon sponge pudding - not something I would normally get but as it was a special occasion!  Thats my first saving as its about £4.00 for a dessert.  Second was coffee - we just came home and had it.  I do not seem to be able to justify dessert and coffee when we go out its just so expensive. 

If anyone else has any other tips I would be grateful to hear those!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Cheery post 1

I did ,manage to spend my Next vouchers during the Easter Break - got some clothes at my target weight - I lost 2 stone 7 altogether yippee.

Now new challenge is not to spend any more money on clothes - I need to decorate and guess what over Easter  we managed to get 6 rolls of wallpaper for my hall at 4.98 reduced from 9.99 then 2 tins of paint for 20.00 and some wallpaper paste and then got 15% off it came to less than 45 quid!!

Hard Decision

Had to do something thats been coming a long time.  I cannot go into the specifics  needless to say it was difficult.  How do you guys deal with difficult decisions.  I had to upset someone I had known for a long time and think a lot of but how can you continue without doing anything about it and it gets to the stage where you feel unwell.

I will try to explain more in due course if I can but needless to say I am about to have a few more difficult days before things improve.

I will ensure my next posts are more cheerful to include I think some pics of my holiday in Northumberland.