Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New job!

Is fantastic so far, few teething problems as you would expect! Very tired tho!  Had a weekend in London, a cheapy which I will blog about when I have a moment!

ESA still not resolved but one more payment and that's it?

Flat not been worked on for ages!  Had Lettings Agent on phone last week demanding pay,net and they had received it but another department made a mistake!  Now they want to do an inspection next Wednesday but won't give me a time and I have to call them to find out if the have keys, do they not know whether they have them!

These things are sent to try us?  How do you all cope with others mistakes?  It drives me mad!!

Monday, 19 November 2012

ESA Update

Well, despite attempting to sort this out I did not receive a payment today.  I am not desperate for it although that is just as well some might be though!!

I got another sick certificate on Thursday after receiving a further letter on Wednesday asking that I send one in my Saturday, so I saw my GP Thursday and him having signed me off until next Monday I sent the certificate in straight away using first class post so it should have got there Friday.

I called them up and was told it was might fault as I should have made sure the certificate from 17th October covered up to the Monday despite the fact I have not had any problems before as they extend it to the Monday.  I have never not sent in a certificate or let them down in anyway.

It comes down to the fact I got myself a job!  So does the Government help me no it punished me and stopped my benefit.

The situation now is that they will pay me within three working days of receiving that certificate.  Perfect example of the reason why someone in my situation might have needed to go to their foodbank, but as I rely on no one and have a little money put by I will survive.  I have only learned that from being in a dire situation before. What if I had no money at all I would have been up the food bank myself.  How many people are this morning in that situation.

Finally, I  have been tagged and will follow that up soon.  Lots to blog about lately not enough time!!

Monday, 12 November 2012

ESA mix up

As you know I have been sick since early March.  I am on ESA but am starting work on 27 November.  I told DWP.  I get a letter on Saturday saying that my sick certificate (which is valid from 17th October until 17th November) runs out on the 12th and my next certificate needs to be with them yesterday!!

When I last spoke to them they said my claim would be unaffected!!

I called them this morning and they said they would get back to me. When getting back to me they say certificate was signed on a different day and perhaps I saw GP on 12th no I said,  so they will check. I have kept a copy of my sick certificate,and both signatures say 17th October.  They said if I hadn't got a job they could extend it until 19th and I would covered be covered by the certificate until 17th.

I have to go to GP and get a further certificate to cover me until I go to work on 27th.

I told them early to avoid a cock up and got one anyway so if I had to do this again I would not tell them until the day I started my job!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Stress Class

Last night was my fourth stress class.  It was about  behaviours and including safety behaviours.  The latter is where you do something to protect yourself from stress such as sit down if you feel a panic attack, taking someone with you when you go shopping or taking items with you in your bag "just in case."

We were also given techniques on how to combat such behaviours, i.e. don't sit down if you have a panic attack even if you feel that you are going to faint.  Apparently, it is impossible to faint, I didn't know that.  Having suffered with them for some 23 years not once did a G.P tell me that!!

In addition we ended by experiencing some relaxation which is the best part. Good relaxation downloads can be found if you google moodjuice.

In the meatime, I am very much looking forward to my new job. I really do feel a lot lot better, but to be honest had this job been further afield and not little 5 minutes walk away I am sure I would have been up to it.  This is part of the attraction, and the fact I will have a whole hour for lunch whereas before I was lucky to have one hour for lunch a week.  I just hope everyone likes me as I am a bit OTT.  I am a bit of a comedian you see and cannot help myself they love it at Slimming World but I can take a lot of getting use to ha ha!

Finally, I am trying to reblog from someone else's blog on wordpress if someone could be kind enough to give me some assistance then I would be most grateful.

Friday, 2 November 2012

New job

I went for an interview today and got the job.  Now I am towards the end of stress club I feel up to it. I'm so happy.  As soon as the letter comes I will let ESA know.  I start on 27th and ESA ill end on 17th a little gap but I Have a new job whoop whoop!!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Whoop Whoop not had the heating on yet >>>

Today is the date that I like to get to before putting the heating on and I have done it resisted temptation.

OH and I have a quilt for our sofa if we are cold, and we put on an extra layer if we are not on the sofa and feel the cold.  I would love a handmade wool blanket made out of squares like my nan made me when I was small but I havent gotten around to it yet!

Whatever happens we never have the heating on in the bedroom, never felt the need, although over the last few years we have bought an electric blanket which goes on a moderate heat before we do into bed.  If really cold or I want to be cosy I wear a thermal hug-me-tight.

We are going to my sisters on Saturday night for fireworks so we will have to wrap up then, Ill take my snood, maybe wear thermal undies and a hat and gloves.  Brr I think its going to get real cold and we are down south!!

How do you all keep warm.  Is your heating a small fortune?