Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Free films

Sunday I went to see yet another free film.  I go to the cinema more than ever on occasion we pay for the tickets, but  more often than not we have free tickets.  One of the best films I saw was Slumdog Millionaire.  Last Sunday I saw Invictus which starred Morgan Freeman, who is one of my favourite actors, and Matt Damon.  The film was about President Mandela and all the good he did.  Obviously, I was aware of some of the good he did but had no idea of the actual impact he had on South Africa.  The film was so good I now believe Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela - a very good film.

The last film we  paid for was Avatar and I must say that was the best film I have ever seen the technology was outstanding.

I wonder what free film I will see next, I cannot wait. 

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