Tuesday, 30 March 2010


The heading relates to Slimming World.  Yes I reached my target on 10th March 2010 yippee.  I now need new clothes.  But as ever the frugalite I will be doing this over a period of time.

Firstly, after purchasing Gok Wan's book of Work your Wardrobe (never even seen a program that he presents yet tee hee) I did out my wardrobe and threw lots of stuff out (don't bother to send to charity shops now as they seem to turn their noses up and its no good for ebay) and gave the rest to my sisters.  I then found some items with tags on for ebay and one or two still fit!!

In the Next sale last weekend (and no I didnt get a VIP invite) I bought a new work top for £8.00 and a new cardigan for £12.00.  The latter I had considered buying before but decided not to at £25.00.  I have also bought 5 longer length t-shirts from primark and other than an indulgent purchase about 6 weeks ago on a long cardigan from M & S (which although it cost me £35 I got free P & P and wear it all the time with everything).

I know some moneysavers will think I am extravagant but although I want to save money and will buy what I need I will pay more for something I need, that I can wear again and again, and that washes up nice which in my view saves money in the long run I also need to look presentable for my job.  Moreover I need something that fits being 6 ft tall! I mainly buy my clothes from Next, then M & S and of course the supermarkets and last but not least Primark.

In order to make sure I can afford new clothes and I do not splurge I set aside £50 per month for clothes and no I never spend that amount so it goes towards something else.

Changing the subject I know I am not a regular blogger as I never seem to have time but I do log in most days to read those that I am subsrcribed to I will try harder.

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