Monday, 17 September 2012

Moved! Well sort of.

Moved last Saturday taking what we can.  Property not ready but we made the best of it.

Our flat is nearby so I can pop back each day to check on things.

My poor hubby looks worn out.  We had to clean new place not fair we were told they had got cleaners in! Also there is a problem with the loo. Other than that we have a lovely balcony and property is newish I prefer modern!

We shall dry washing on the balcony that will save us a bit!!  We are still trying to be MS but it was hard recently with paying the deposit on a new property despite Insurance company saying they would.Ncontbents insurance company was helpful as they are covering both places until our place is empty for no extra charge!!  Council tax has gone up tho.  Oh well swings and roundabouts!!

Toddle pip as one of my favourite blogger says!!


  1. Glad to hear that you are a bit more settled. Sending loads of love and best wishes, Jx

  2. Hi
    moving house is such a hassle but as a rule so worth it. As for the letting company not getting the cleaners in not on. Hate it when you decide to use hard fought for pennies to achieve a goal and find people don't do what you payed them to. Hows the settling in going?
    all the best

  3. Hello Justine!

    Life seems a bit manic for you at the moment. I personally am not keen on moving home, and it is horrible when enforced :(

    Hopefully however we will make each other's advent a bit more special. We are partners for Laa Laa's advent swap. When your life settles down a bit more email me at and we'll discuss how we want our swap to work.

    I'm quite excited about it all!

  4. Hi Advent swap partner!

    Did you get my other comment? Hope so!