Monday, 25 November 2013

Thanks Frugal Queen!

I recently won £60 of Amazon vouchers on Frugal Queens's blog.  Thanks to those that contacted me to let me know.  It isn't very often I miss reading her blog (as I learn something for it every day)and I hadn't on this occasion but you never know.

Thanks to those that still follow even though I haven't blogged.  I have had so many issues on at the moment health wise and trying to carry on working is hard.  Very little time for anything else.  I hope to be back soon, so please bear with me!


  1. So glad you were pleased hun.

    Yes I often pop by to see if your around in the blogasphere.

    Hope your health improves for you soon. Sending hugs

    X x

  2. Hoping your prize is a boost to you [along with the fact that other people contacted you to alert you to it] - get well soon!! love and blessings xx

  3. I'm sorry to hear that things are so difficult. Sending lots of 'bloggy best wishes' Jx