Monday, 14 September 2009

A few moneysaving tips

I read MSE everyday so I do not want to repeat the forum's tips.  I am trying to recall some that are not well known.

My main one is buying men's disposable razors.  They are cheaper and more robust - they last me ages - okay so they are not pink.

Another one is I live in town so no travelling to the supermarket.  I live near Sainsburys, Aldi and Asda.  I also live near M & S, Wilkinsons and all the usual suspects.  When I first moved here I spent more than I do now as you get used to it.  There are many charity shops.

Living in town and it is quite quiet, means that I can catch the whoopsies or reduced items.  I also live near the sea so I can go on walks in the summer near where I live which cost nothing.

I do not want to appear dirty but I only wash my bedding every two weeks in the Winter although if it needs doing before then I do it.

I shower most days and just have one bath per week.

I hang the washing to dry over the radiator even in the summer - live in a flat and no washing line.

I turn off all appliances at night - nothing is on standby in our home.

I often cook and we have the same meal the following night as leftovers.

I do like Heinz baked beans and branded coffee but other than that I have done down a brand some are value or economy.

I am a vegetarian and that saves money and I believe it is more healthy - just my opinion.

Before I go shopping for non-groceries i.e. Loo Roll I look at to see who has the better offer.

I only used my car where necessary - I get mileage if I drive my car for work which quite often pays my petrol and more.  I only work 6 minutes from home - need to drive my car as I may need it urgently.

Close curtains at dusk to keep the warmth in.

Only put the heating on where necessary.

When heating is on make sure I have enough clothing on and keep the heating to a minimum.

I have had my drier for 14 years and it cost be just over £100.  I empty the fluff compartment every time I use it and I believe this has helped it last for so long.

Use vouchers I have earned from surveys throughout the year to pay for the bulk of my Christmas presents.

I always shop around when spending a large amount of money - my laptop was the last one in Tesco and they reduced it by over £100.  We saw the TV we wanted in Tesco and then my husband did an online search and ended up getting it - wait for it over £350.00 cheaper - it is a big TV my husband likes his TV. 

As I have said previously I am not tight I just want what I want for a more reasonable price.  I am ready to save in some areas so I can have what in want in others.

I cannot think of anymore tips that most of you don't  know already - I  hope you found at least one thing helpful.

Other websites I look at are and lovemoney - both of which help me save money.

P.S I am so pleased that I have a follower - never thought anyone would be interested in my blurbs.


  1. Hi, I like your tips, now is a good time to start saving money, save every penny and you can get rid of your mortgage early. I like the challenge of getting my day to day living costs down to a minimum to keep my money for what is important to me. Good luck.

  2. I cannot believe you are following my blog. I am humbled. Believe me.

  3. I meant to say "Believe me I have been reading your posts regularly since you were on the tv - your tips are amazing. "

    All the best.