Sunday, 27 September 2009


Its been a while since I last posted - busy week. 

I have been looking at vouchers I have received recently, this morning.  Firstly, I received a capital bond voucher in the sum of £5.00 from TNS, then there is a Boots voucher in the sum of £5.00 that I received from GFK, and this week I received £5.00 M & S voucher for getting an insuranced quote from Churchill which I didn't believe would turn up. 

I also have a voucher from Pavers which I received through a complaint I had which I may well spend next week in the sum of £20.00 and my darling OH has given me £40.00 in Next vouchers for our anniversary.

I note that I also have £60.00 worth of vouchers to come from nationalshoppingmonitor which I will use as Christmas presents.  I have about £20.00 of Nectar vouchers to come which I will spend on Christmas, £10.50 of Tesco vouchers and goodness knows how many boots points I have but its over £20.00. 

Most of my vouchers are obtained through surveys and scanning shopping so I am pretty pleased with myself this morning.

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