Saturday, 17 April 2010

Meal out Frugul style

Its my husband's 39th Birthday today.  I took him out to our favorite restaurant.  Its a chinese restaurant where you can eat all you as much as you like for £15.95 but its not a buffet, its waiter service.

I am a veggie and they have veggie duck, veggie pork and chicken.  I do go to other chinese restaurants but they do not have veggie style meat.

Well before we went I bought our pudding for our return which cost me £1.70 and is a lemon sponge pudding - not something I would normally get but as it was a special occasion!  Thats my first saving as its about £4.00 for a dessert.  Second was coffee - we just came home and had it.  I do not seem to be able to justify dessert and coffee when we go out its just so expensive. 

If anyone else has any other tips I would be grateful to hear those!!

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  1. Justine, I just declared a mental vacation. I take them now and then. Had to run errands around our berg, so I stopped by the library and picked up a stack of mystery books. I am a fan of Dick Francis, among others. . . . . . . Sometimes I just need to disengage my brain long enough that I can relax and get some rest. . . . . . . . I LOVE Chinese food. I was stationed in the Orient for a couple of years. Really got spoiled on the real thing, but I'll take the imitation in a pinch. I really to learn to cook Chinese myself, but the kids don't care for it. . . . . . . I've had lemon on the brain the last week or so. My younger son's birthday was few weeks ago. He asked for gingerbread cake with lemon sauce. The cake was okay, but I could CONSUME the sauce. I'm going to make more sauce and serve it over sweetened Calrose rice. Say, I could mix a little ginger into he rice. An idea, right there on the spot! Anyway, the rice is just an excuse for eating the lemon sauce. . . . . .Thanks for stopping by. We're really all in this together. Sure 'nough! ~Liz