Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bootsale - made £80

We have been planning on doing a bootsale for a while.  Yesterday we did out our cupboards to sell unwanted items.  Some wouldnt fit in the car.  We took what we could and set off.  Sellers were to arrive at 11 a.m.  which in  my opinion is a very decent hour.  Buyers were to come in at 12.30.  Before the sellers arrived we made £30.00.  We thought we might sell a bit of it we sold two thirds of our stuff which was very good.  We only had one problem and that was when we were busy a guy gave me 50p less than he was supposed to and when challenged he just ran off.  OH was dealing with someone else so thought it wasnt worth pursuing but his attitude in my view was poor and I hope he is pleased with himself.  His child was there too so it teaches children its fine to do wrong.

We needed to raise a little as we are low on funds for a our holiday to the Lakes.  Well we have paid for the holiday just need spending money.  I saved £31.00 in a jar recently so thats over a £100.  I have one item on ebay which is not yet selling but then it doesnt end until tomorrow - fingers are crossed.

We have about £500 for two of us in the Lakes, it is self catering so we should manage.  Just havent saved as much as I had hoped. 

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