Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pound shop

Went into the pound shop today.  Not been in ages.  I got Simple Shower day for yep a pound, 200 mansize tissues a pound and two tins of Ambrosia Rice Pudding for a pound the latter were priced at 89p so I was well chuffed.  I know I can do better when foods are reduced but never seem to get to the Supermarkets at the right time these days.  I used to but the food was usually something like pain du chocolate.

I made a nice pasta sauce this evening enough I think for 8 and there is two of us, cost less than a pound to make.  OH made some home made pasta but think that came in at about £1.40 so it is cheaper to buy dried pasta but not as tasty let me tell you.  We had a lovely salad with it.

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