Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend with the family

Yesterday afternoon my one of sister's daughter's has a little party down the beach. Friends and family had good fun, a little paddle, a little frisbee and a little refreshment bliss.

We went to his beach known as Alum Chine:

Then today I went to my sisters and had some sandwiches and a chat.

I didnt bother much with the housework just cleaned the loo, out a wash on then dried it, did a bit of ironing and dusted the bedroom.  I love family weekends.  Shame my daughter wasn't around she was visiting her paternal grandmother and her dad.  Will catch up with her soon.

Before I go I am having trouble commenting on blogs - blogger wont let me!!


  1. Family get togethers are great fun. Blogger is causing a lot of problems for everyone lately. Wish they would hurry up and get it sorted out.

  2. I went to Alum Chine as a tiny child. I lost my little bucket, and only had the spade left!
    I have been having problems commenting too. FINALLY I have reset my cookie functionality [no, I do not understand what that means] and I think I MAY have solved things at my end, Hope so anyway!

  3. When blooger wont let you comment,try commenting anonymously and just add your name at the bottom.