Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wimbledon - yes we did take a picnic so not all splurge

So I know it was a splurge but I must say we enjoyed Wimbledon very much. Firstly, we saved for our tickets and petrol.

Then we took Sandwiches and ate them on Henman hill (after we had a coffee - bought but reasonable price with out 4 cookies reduced at the supermarket to 35p):

Then we took our seats ready for the first match:

Match 1 was Robson and Sharapova:

Match 2 - Williams and Sanchez:

Then Match 3 - although it was rained off after the first set - Nadal and Muller:

We saved a small fortune taking our own sandwiches which cost £5.50 my husband tells me.  We did however, have strawberries and cream which was only £2.50 which bearing in mind where we were was not too bad.
Then we came home and the saving starts over again!! 


  1. Sounds like you had a great time and that's the main thing.

  2. Going to Wimbledon must have been great and I think its really important to do things that are very different and are unique experiences even when were skint.

    Just reading some of you're previous posts asI've been off blogland for a while and I can say that black dye is fantastic, I use it for all my faded black clothes plus non-black stuff that is stained or I don't like anymore

    It's sad to hear that your OH isn't as careful as you with money, mine is/was the same and it can feel hurtful like they just don't care but its just a matter of getting it and this has taken some time and a lot of patience. Please leave me comment if you want to discuss ways to cope with this x