Thursday, 20 October 2011

Charity Shop - how much!

I work in a lovely little place called Ashley Cross although that is going to change soon - for another time.

There are four charity shops. Now there are two cheap, one not so cheap and one which is very expensive priding itself on quality!  Well today there was a black wrap dress not real name for £16.99.  How much?  It was black - a long time ago and bobbled.  It was not good enough to sell let alone for that price.  I do like a bargain but I will pay a little over the odds in the charity shop but gone are the days when you can get a bargain.  Why are they so expensive?  I must go to a bootsale soon although they are not always much cheaper?

Any tips to getting a second hand bargain?

P.S I must download more pics for blog!!


  1. I find the independent charity shops are much better value than 'chain' ones.

    £16.99 is crazy!

    I know one 'chain' charity shop has a 'high street' rail and I never look there because it is so expensive. Also the books are £2.50 plus!

    Going with my mum to visit the charity shops tomorrow.

    Hoping there will still be some bargains, if not some will price themselves out of the market!

    Sft x

  2. I've noticed that, overpriced tat in the shops. yet other times Ive seen brand new things for pence ???

  3. SFT I try to use the independent ones too much cheaper good luck on getting a bargain tomorrow.

    Miss Piggy Bank - I know exactly what you mean!!

  4. thanks for popping by and good luck when you do your speech,

    Gill in Canada