Sunday, 9 October 2011


I am so pleased, as although we have a "This is it", a 99p store and a pound stretcher we now have a poundland just around the corner.  I had a look yesterday and so many stocking fillers for a pound.  Themed socks, themed ties, quality diaries and toblerones and many more items.  Only problem is the store is small and temporary awaiting larger accommodation.

I live in a small town centre but we have so much Primark, two Sainsburys one at each end of my road, one is large, one small and small Tesco and through the way is a massive Asda, we also have an Aldi and other shops like Wilko.  It used to cause me problems wanting to spend but no more I am very good at buying what I need.  I live to close I can think about it and say that I will get it tomorrow if I really want it.  Bargains are easy I know the days they are and can pop out and get fruit like I did last week 40p for a bag of apples etc.

I learn when the sales are on and if I need something I will go if not I won't.

Gone of topic a bit!

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