Monday, 20 February 2012

Weight issues

Some of you may know that once upon a time I lost two and half stone - only really one dress size grrr as I am 6ft.  Well I put over a stone and a half on then last August got back to it lost half a stone but now, I am only 12lb under the original weight that I lost a couple of years ago. I am heavier than last August.

It is all my fault.

The reasons (excuses are) :

New office is on an industrial estate no nice park to walk around as before
Too cold to walk at night
Nice colleagues buy cakes and they sit outside my room all day.
OH and I are always seeking out bargains at the Supermarket - cakes and pies
When we go around town for a walk we end up eating coffee and muffins
Work Stress
Home stress

I need some motivation as I am getting fat grrrr please help me!  I need to save money on food without buying the expensive food wish reduced items were healthier.

I notice I have one or two more followers - hi there and welcome.  My blog no longer informs me when new followers have joined so apologies for not welcoming you sooner.


  1. Sharing your struggle. Trying hard to get back to my GI diet - but keep filling up on cheaper carbs.
    Must eat less and move more. And avoid cakes.

    Lets go on encouraging each other, that helps!
    blessings x

    ps my word verification is actually 'portion' - maybe that is a sign!!!!

    1. I will pop over shortly to encourage you! I have avoided cakes for two days!!

  2. Well Now.....!
    I'm sorry...But...It has to be said, you ladies..
    (Mostly), have 'NO' idea when it comes to shopping, and, the buying there of....!
    ME..I'm an expert...And, Justine as you are a lawyer, l'd be quite happy to stand in the witness box, and swear to it. Because, l have proved it so, so many times. Actually taken ladies/friends to the supermarket, for a weekly shop, they always think it's a bit of fun, bit of a laugh, until, that is, they get to the check out....!
    I am a positive thinker...
    "I'm the best there is...The best there was...And, the best there ever will be".
    (AND, no, l'm NOT a big head).....! :0).

    1. I am sure you are right Willie - any tips!

  3. I have the same problem, wanting to lose some weight but I get lonely in the evenings since I live alone and I tend to want that snack at 7:30 PM. There are days when it really gets away with me.

    1. Can you not do something to take your mind off it like make something?

  4. Hi Justine, sorry you are struggling with your weight.I am too and have put on quite a bit this last year with the tablets I am taking for migraines (the doctor I work with says they are well known for doing this).I am trying hard but its difficult to shift.Going down very gradually.Its hard to know what to say to you but just keep plugging away, maybe eating a bit of cake only at weekends, lots of home made soups for lunch, that is cheap enough to make, I like jacket potatoes too to reheat in microwave at work with a few beans.

    1. Thanks Anne, I shall take some baked potatoes to work and beans - free food on slimming world!