Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Weight part two!

I went to slimming world just to weight in today - as not well - again!  I lost a pound so off in the right direction!!

I went to asthma clinic today and got diagnosed with a chest infection, I cried at work because I felt I had to go in as they do not like people taking time off sick.  I might have to have a day or two off but I have had two days off this year already with a tummy bug!

Welcome to  my new follower Eva - I am able to see that she started following me today!!
Before I go 17 years ago today my eldest son passed away aged 11 days old and I just wanted to mention it as I still miss him x


  1. Well done on the weight loss- but sorry you are not feeling so healthy.

    Maybe your tears were also because the memories were painful today. I cannot imagine your sorrow at the loss of a precious baby, but my prayers are for you.
    Blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.
    Take heart, Justine, and know that you are loved and precious.
    x x x

  2. Hi Justine, I completely agree with everything Angela has said above.Such a sad day for you but one day I truly believe you will be together again.X

  3. Firstly well done on your weight loss.

    Secondly get yourself well. Work will still be there when you get better. I agree with Angela the memories are probably getting to you too.

    Sending hugs.

    X x

  4. Yes...Sorry to read of your loss.....
    I had a sister-in-law, many years ago now, lost 5 babies, over a number of years. The 6th, a boy survived, and he's now 24.

    So! Back to the shopping....You'd like some tips....!
    Haha! I don't come cheap now....! :>).
    Most of my shopping is done here in Morrisons, on a Sunday. 10 o'clock, sharp.
    I work all over Dorset, so l do go else where for other things.
    Most Mondays, l'm in Stur, so l get eggs from the butcher, on the market. Medium size £1:60 Doz.
    Milk l get in Martins, in Wimborne. 2 Litres..£1. You can also get it in Iceland, same price.
    O.K. back to Morrisons....
    So, l pick up a basket, l have a small list, of things, that l don't usually buy, regularly. Last Sun. l needed Oxo, so it's on the list. Never let you kitchen/cupboards get low on food....So, you have to buy at the last minute.
    Now, l know most ladies, go round a supermarket, and take things off the shelves without even looking at the prices. AND......
    Don't tell me you don't have time....Rubbish....!
    And...That's why it's called shopping...And, to shop...
    I buy Morrisons orange juice, usually 87p-92p. I went in one Sunday, it was £1:20.....'I DID'NT BUY IT.....'.
    And, l can tell you, supermarket brands are usually supplied and packaged by national companies. Morrisons Crispbread 47p. It's Ryveta at 87P.
    This was supposed to be brief....But....Hey...When l get on my orange box.....! :).
    I've had a lot of experience in every direction....I was a single parent for 13yrs, involved in local schools and so on....!
    We ALL want to save money....So, shop around, even when it comes to food....!
    So, if anyone wants further tips.....e-mail me. It's on my Blog...

    Finally....Just like mention, if you live in or around Blandford..
    Check out a fairly new web/blog site. Well worth a look.....

  5. Oh, I do feel for you. Of course, you'll always miss your boy.

    Sft x

  6. Hi Justine, sorry this is so late but thank you for my award and congratulations on yours. So sorry to read of your loss, that must have been devastating. Sending hugs to you xxx