Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A good day

Thanks for all your kind messages x Today I am having a good day, the sun is out so I shall go for a walk by the sea later. I am also meeting up with some friends for chips! However, OH has been mumbling about changes at work for the last few days but last night he sounded worried. He doesn't think there is any risk to his job but who knows. Anyway we are in this together and he knows that. When we first got together in 1999 I was a single parent and struggling to make ends meet. He had to give up a well paid job to be with me and we lived on very little and he is worried we will end up where we started. Enjoy the sunshine everyone x


  1. Glad your feeling brighter today. Enjoy your walk and chips.

    As long you support each other its amazing what you can deal with.

    X x

  2. Hi Justine, hope you will be feeling much better soon.