Friday, 20 July 2012

Busy and skinteroony and Welcome to my new followers!

Welcome to my new followers!!

Been busy so havent blogged, must do better.  However, I have been feeling better in myself, but yesterday I had a major setback felt lower than ever having felt better for one week.

Had my first one to one with my lifecoach who told me to plan each day with things I want to do, have to do and need to do.  That is working well.  I had to list things I do not like doing or find hard to do or easy to do,  however, the things I really do not want to do I didnt list.  I shall have to rectify that before I go back next week.

Money is so tight I am having to dip into savings to make ends meet.  I can manage that for a while longer indeed that is what emergency money is for isnt it!.  I have had to cut right back on the shopping though not even spent £100 this month.  Having to run the freezer and cupboards down.  I need to do buy a few bits tomorrow.

I might try and sell some items on ebay tomorrow as it is free listing.  I have a S and G lipstick and a few other items.  Didnt do very well at all last time but hey ho. 

I have downloaded Quidco checkin and made a couple of pound, have joined Nectar canvass and got some additional points towards the Christmas shopping.  I am also doing other surveys but this will make pennys but I have to do something.
All extras are in the form of vouchers save eBay but I don't mind.
The main thing I have been doing is entering comps I must have entered hundreds so fingers crossed!

OOH sun was out today and my lovely friend took me out for the day.  Sun should be a feature around here for the forseeable well lets hope so!  Enjoy the sun xx

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  1. Comps are GOOD - my daughter's hobby is comps [only FREE ones though] and she has just won some holiday vouchers. Today I have entered a crossword competition - it is in an obscure publication and full of bizarre arcane words- so hoping I am in with a chance of the prize!