Saturday, 3 August 2013

Weekend away on the cheap part 1.

We are currently in Coventry. We came up to go to Warwick Castle.

We searched on Trivago for a value for money hotel, i.e breakfast included, free wifi and free parking. £80 for two nights, my previous record for two nights is £100 including breakfast, free parking and limited wifi. When we choose our bargain break we choose basic and value for money.  In the past we have stayed at posh places but everything is extra and we were left disappointed!  We have less expectations when we spend less knowing we only have to stay somewhere for a night or so.  No need to stay in a high end hotel with high end prices.

I admit petrol cost a bit £65 however the break was paid for by underspending on our Spanish break last month, which was planned and saved for.

We took a salad from the supermarket, could have made sandwhiches but we wanted something as a treat, bought a few sweets and took crisps from home and had bought water from Aldi.  All cheaper than the motorway!   Also took some breakfast bars from snacking on over the weekend.

Luckily the hotel had everything we needed including soap and shower gel but I took a few samples I had in my sample box at home!

Ill give you some tips about getting value for money when you are out and about by giving examples from our day out!

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  1. I hope that you've had a great weekend. Jx