Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekend away part 2

We took our own lunch on the way out, a sandwich from boots and crisps and pop from The Pound Shop.

Got to our destination and it was half an hour walk from the car park.  £6 to park and once in its too late to change your mind!  Then it was an hour to queue!  Got a two for one voucher but only applied to the castle and grounds.  So that is what we paid for £20.80.  For dungeons and Merlins Tower it's £30.60.  Even that doesn't include archery, painting a shield, face painting etc.   Most families had vouchers imagine the cost if not!  We did see a reenactment, the launching of a trebuchet and birds of prey.  The castle itself was fab!  We got value for money.  We went off site to eat and had a cooked lunch instead of our pack up which we had for tea given how far away the car was.  We were going to have dinner out anyway. There was a building with wax work scenes off the past but on our way out there was another shop selling souvenirs and photos of children taken on site and parents desperately scrambling for them so more money.  I was open mouthed at the further charges for learning how to be a knight at another £8.

I guess that the average family without a voucher  is looking at a good £150 plus for such a day out!  Food was about £6, they sold everything but usual day out prices!

What I am saying is just be careful when you have a "day out" make sure you don't get sucked in.  Check parking charges, see if you can take a pack up or eat off site. Take your own photos and get an icecream on them way home.  Failing that go to the park or the beach!  I did have a great weekend away but we are Wiley!!

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  1. We went to Warwick Castle towards the end of August; we stayed in a tent on site as part of their Mediaeval Glamping event. It turned out to be quite a good deal really - we paid £150 for the three of us which included overnight accommodation in a tent, breakfast, two-days' priority entrance tickets and two days' parking, plus 'Knight School' for children in the evenings where they could learn how to be a knight or jester and try archery, etc. Plus we took our own food in with us and only bought a couple of ice creams!