Monday, 6 January 2014


I made a mistake I ordered online goods in a larger size by mistake.  Wish there was an online cancellation facility.  Hey Ho, I called up immediately but they cannot change it until 9 am hope so.

If no I can either send them back and incur a further delivery charge of £4.00 ordering further tops or take them in, not that I am that good at sewing plus it has leatherette in the back.  The tops are  a third of the original price so I think If necessary I will pay another delivery fee if in stock.  What a dope I am.  What would you do?

I'm trying to keep to a clothing budget of £230 for the year!!

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  1. I spent my M&S gift vouchers on a new waterproof jacket. Ordered on line on the day they were 30% off, with 'click and collect' to save on delivery. Went and fetched coat, got home, unsealed plastic bag - and it still had security tags on. Had a 10mile round trip back to store to get tags removed. Pointed out to chap that this had cost me extra petrol but he didnt seem bothered! I do sympathise, it is so easy to make an error when ordering online - hope you get yours sorted xx