Saturday, 3 October 2009

To put the heating on or not

At this time of year I seem to ponder when is the appropriate time to put the central heating on.   I have gone to bed with a hot water bottle on two nights during this last week.  I do still have the summer duvet on thouge must make sure I get the winter onw dry cleaned.

I am rather cold in the day as well as the evening even wearing a long sleeved top.  I know I should put something else on but I am very tempted to put the heating on not constant but twice a day.  They have put some heating on at work already - I do  not have to pay for that of course!

I was cold today when I went out and wore a nice warm fleece lined coat.  I felt snuggly.  I even wore it for a while in doors and it made me feel warm but surely I shouldnt wear it all the time lol.  I wonder when others put their heating on if at all.

I would welcome any ideas in fact I am off to look through your blogs to see if you have mentioned this subject.

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  1. The gas engineers are coming back tomorrow to look at my new boiler because I have no water coming out of the hot taps. When it is working properly I will not put my heating on untill it is absolutely freezing. Instead I will increase the amount of clothes I wear in the house. Last winter it was 3 teeshirts, 3 sweatshirts, 1 pair thick tights, 2 pairs of jog bottoms, 2 pairs of thick socks, scarf, fingerless gloves, wooly hat, and an outdoor jacket.