Sunday, 1 August 2010

Tired! Feeling sorry for myself

I went to my sisters 30th last night.  It was a very good night.  I really enjoyed it and most importantly so did my sister.  Had a bit to drink.

Feel sorry for myself today.  Work tomorrow and not looking forward to it.  Not one bit.  Does everyone feel like this from time-to-time and if so how do I shake myself out of it!!

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  1. Several things help me. *I MAKE myself get up and do something, get busy. It is certainly an effort, I know. *I read an interesting book. Take a mental vacation. *I work on Scripture memory, which requires concentration so I can't think about being blue. *Wash my hair so I don't look washed out when I look in the mirror. *Call a friend and ask them how they are doing. Resist the urge to whine. Get off the phone as quickly and politely as you can if they are whining. *Walk, even if it is just back and forth in the house. *Watch a happy movie. I love the old classics in black and white with people like Lionel Barrymore. Laugh. --- I remember how hard it used to be to go back to work after being off a while. Hated Mondays, but I had a friend who said it helped her to think of Mondays as a fresh beginning, so she learned to like them. All the best! ~Liz