Sunday, 24 October 2010

Contented Sunday

I got up at 10 a.m. today and I refused to feel guilty. I did some housework and some washing.

I made a few cookies.  23 in total some small, medium and large.  Here are 6 of the medium:

No idea why it is sideways on here.

OH and I then went for a walk around the Old Town then on passed Poole Quay and the fishing boats

Then on to Baiter:

Then on a little further and is that Millionaires row in the background namely Sandbanks

Then we sat down for a while before going home - not a bad view - its Brownsea Island.


  1. Mmmm what gorgeous cookies. Sounds like the walk was just the thing for a bright autumn morning. xxx

  2. Hey! I wouldn't feel guilty about anything. Eat the cookies and then walk 'em off! Way to go. ~Liz

  3. Sounds like a good sunday, wish i lived somewhere with such pretty surroundings I love my walks, but living in the city makes it hard go to destress on a walk