Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Skint - again

I know I have posted a similar topic before.  But I have budgeted and cut back and still a week plus before payday and I have a few quid left.  Okay got enough for meals until payday but not lunches milk etc.  I really tried this month. Put spare money in the safe so that OH didnt spend money and he ignored it and spent money anyway.  So I gave up. 

I think it was that I bought too much food I have enough for half of next month too and I took my daughter out for lunch.  I just cannot believe something so small means I am skint. 

I am getting bills through which are going up next year . . . no payrise for the last couple of years . . . working like a dog . . . making frugal meals like tonight for less than £3.00 for both OH and I for two nights.  Please please help me any tips anyone?


  1. Jazzy, there are times you simply have to smile sweetly, do the best you can, and let him figure it out. Explanations won't help. Accusations won't help at all. You just cut things to the absolute bare bone till the light goes on and he realizes he has to do something to help you feed all of you better. Most men don't understand what food costs. They don't understand all the little hidden costs in preparing a meal with several ingredients. They still think like bachelors. I don't know what the British equivalent of rice and beans is, but you may have to cut things to the bone, at least part of your meals. And be grateful. Display a positive attitude. Not one breath of defeat. It might take a while, but give him plenty of opportunity to rise to the challenge. As for taking daughter out, how about packing sandwiches (sarnies, is it?) and meeting her with a bottle of tea? Chin up! You're doing your part! You aren't really skint till you quit trying, and you are made of better stuff than that. ~Liz

  2. Hi Justine - I know where you're coming from, I have always found it so hard to stick to budgets, it seems that all too often the little things leach away the surplus you hoped you would have and then some. So maybe I'm not the best placed to give you advice, could be like the blind leading the blind so to speak, but I will try with one or two things that have helped me in my tough spots.

    Have you been on the Old Style board over at moneysavingexpert.com?


    There is a wealth of advice on there about everything from budgeting & menu planning to preparing for winter.

    Also in this respect Frugal Queen's blogspot at http://frugalincornwall.blogspot.com/ is also a good source of inspiration and advice.

    I have also had some success with writing down everthing that I buy for a period of time, and I do mean everything, it just makes you more aware of where the money is actually going, and knowing that you will write things down often makes you think twice before buying. (I've neverr been able to keep this up for long I must admit - I always slip back into my old habits.)
    Could you agree with your other half a sum of money that he can spend and then restrict access to anything over that amount?

    Hope this helps a little.

    Take care and keep your chin up - things can only get better

  3. PS Do you ever read Froogie's blog? She has some good ideas for stretching a penny.

    And Shirley Goode?

    The more you can save on food and utilities, the more you can free up for other things -- obviously. All the best to you! It's getting tighter over here, too.

  4. Thanks so much to you for your responses hugs xx

  5. Oh and when I said OH spent the money I meant on food but he doesnt worry about the monthly cost he isnt trying to cut back like I am. My OH is wonderful he would give me anything but I know my post didnt read that way.

  6. Okay. Good for him and you, too. So many wives don't think anything kind about their man. Aren't you lucky!

  7. I'm not surprised you're skint. £200 flippin pounds on a spa day, good grief !!!