Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spa Day

I already know the answer to this.  My daughter was 21 this year.  I promised her a spa day with her mum i.e. me.  She went to OZ at the time I was going to book it for.  It was postponed.  I have only managed to save £200.  The day we both really want comes for £300 but there is a day we would be happy with for £200.  As it was for her 21st I feel a bit mean not giving her the day she wants but she insists the £200 one is okay.  Am I a skinflint or am I sensible - given my last post.  Please please dont think bad of me whatever your view.


  1. 200 pounds sounds positively luxurious on this economy. I'd think you'd lost your mind if you did the three hundred. There is nothing skinflint about 200. Just an opinion. Good luck!

    In our extended family we have agreed to a no-gift Christmas. Parents can do what they want for their own younger kids in their own homes. If that helps . . . . .

  2. It is luxurious and I am sticking to the £200. I am going to make that the last luxury for some time to come.

    Thanks Lizbeth x

  3. You are too hard on yourself. I am sure you would both have alovely day for the £200, and your lovely daughter has already said that she will be happy with this. Just go enjoy the time with your daughter and be happy. xxx

  4. £200 flippin pounds on a spa day, good grief you must be rich :o)