Monday, 30 May 2011

Dye it!

Every year I have to buy a new pair of black linen trousers from Next at the pair from the year before has faded, whilst my white ones go on and on.

I went to buy a pair and at £20.00 each I think they are a bargain as I wear them all the time when I briefly told my story to the cashier and she suggested dying my old pairs.  I have two pairs one my sister gave me last year and a pair I bought.

I bought some Dylon in Black and hooray back to black.  So next year I may save myself £20.00.  I know perhaps I neednt have bought the pair I did buy but as I say I live in them in the summer when not in shorts etc. 

I do not think I used the exact product above and I did have to add 500g of salt.  I should have also got rid of the scale in the WM as that was the only problem in relation to cleaning afterwards.  The recommend you run an empty wash afterwards.


  1. I am sure I read somewhere that if you then wash them with just a cup of white vinegar, that helps set the black dye even more.

  2. Hi there! A success story with dye, well done indeed! Have a great week ahead too x