Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Kelso - day one

We travelled to OH's parents on Friday 8th July.  They live in Northumberland so we stayed overnight and they accompanied us to our cottage.

We like to book at cottage and this is the second holiday we have had with OH's parents.  They are lovely.  Now its better that we do this together and we save half the cost.  It cost just under £500 and petrol was just under £250.  We paid for the petrol and the in-laws paid for the food.

Anyway we arrived at the Scottish Borders :

Here is OH:

He looks a tad cold.  Well a few minutes later, we left and saw lightning - I am terrified of it and there was the most terrible storm until we got to Kelso.

We had trouble locating out cottage because we were looking for a blue garage door as indicated on our documentation however, it was brown ha ha ha.

We arrived at the cottage very nice:

Only joking that is Floors castle ha ha ha:

Here is the cottage:

The owners were there to meet us, we had not come across a welcoming committee and I have mixed feeling about those.  We had a welcome package which was a nice surprise including bread, butter, garlic, wine, milk, herbs and spices and other bits and pieces.

We then got ourselves sorted, went shopping in Lidl very OS.

But then on our return we noticed:

 tTo see why we were so concerned see the link below re our previous holiday:

Lets just say we were however, reluctant to complain as this was nowhere need as bad. However, they took down the owner's wall and we wanted to check they were aware they were aware of the work not the taking down of the whole wall.  They urged us to compalin as they had told the holiday company and although I will go through each day I will tell you that we got £100 compensation.

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  1. Sorry you are still having comment problems.You are not alone!We have family holiday photos of us by THAT stone. Your hol cottage looks great though. Glad you got compensation!