Friday, 29 July 2011

Kelso day 2 and 3

Well day on day 2 we decided to explore Kelso as we couldn't on day one as it was raining.  Kelso is rather unique is has cobbles.  It has a large cricket ground, a rugby pitch and it has a race course 

The race course houses a small market/bootsale on a Sunday.  We visited the market/bootsale and I bought a vibrating cushion for a fiver.  OH's dad bought a watch strap and a tobacco tin.  We then bought some trifle and cake nom nom not OS but hey we were on holiday.

On day 2 we went to Jedburgh.  The first thing we noticed was that parking is FREE!!  Then OH's mother bought us a treat - a cream tea.

We then went to Jedburgh Castle which was also free to get in.

Here is the Castle:

The bunting is due to a local celebration involving something known as The Riding Out (against the British).

He we are having a rest before we go in:

This is meant to be Mary Queen of Scots:

We then went to Mary Queen of Scots House which was also free.

We then went for lunch before going back to the cottage..

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