Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jessica's birthday

My daughter is 22 today. I cannot believe it!  We sent her a £100 for her birthday.  I usually give her £50 but she was short on money and was in danger of losing the flat she had paid some holding money for.  I do lend her money not much and usually want it back.  However, I had some put by and I thought she needs money for the flat she has very little furniture so if she owes me money it will be difficult. So I told her to keep the other. 

I visited her today taking cards and money from family, we didn't stay long as she is stgill unpacking.  She seems to grown up and the guy she is with at the moment, Aaron is really nice.  I am hoping he is the one.  She is doing well in her career as a high-end recruitment consultant and she has  been modelling.

Isn't she pretty:

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty indeed
    don't they grow up fast?
    glad you were able to help with such a generous gift too

    [btw - you should change your profile- she's still 20 up there! I gave up with mine and just have 'two grown-up daughters' -t was easier than changing it regularly]