Monday, 22 August 2011

Sun tan lotion bargain Loreal just a pound each!

I went into Sainsbury's earlier and on the bottom shelf I saw Loreal Solar Expertise - retails for £10.57 although it is not showing as reduced for £1.00.  They have factors 15 and 25 I only got two but they had lots.  I would have bought more but it barely shines here the sun and not going abroad this year so maybe next. 

I also got my hair product Phil Smith Extreme for curly hair -which retails for £4.09 each for two for £4.00 - bought four.  That is all that had last time I bought 9 tubes as they were just half price still have 3 left so until the next time.  I did used to spend £12.00 on redken but I needed two of those a month these are smaller and I use around two.

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